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Cisco 8821 End User Manual page 5

For business edition 4000
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Tasks on Selfcare Portal
Register to Selfcare Portal
After you receive an email from the Cisco Business Edition
4000 Administrator:
1. Click the Register link displayed in the email.
2. Enter your password.
Your Password must contain:
x At least 8 characters
x At most 256 characters
x At least 1 lower case alphabetic character (a,b,c...)
x At lease 1 upper case alphabetic character
x At least 1 number (1,2,3...)
x At least 1 special character (-!@#$%^&*()-_=+[]
3. Enter the captcha security code as displayed on the
4. Click Continue.
My Settings page of Selfcare Portal is displayed.
Sign in to the Selfcare Portal
1. Enter the URL
2. Enter your Email-ID and Password.
3. Click Sign in.
My Settings page of Selfcare Portal is displayed.
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Cisco Business Edition 4000 End User Guide
Change Password
1. Choose My Settings > Change Password.
2. Enter the Current Password and the New Password.
3. Click Save.
Forgot Password
1. Click Forgot Password? on Sign in page.
2. Enter your registered Email address and Captcha
security code.
3. Click SEND LINK.
An email containing the link to reset the password is
sent to your inbox.
Change Display Name
1. Choose My Settings > Change Display Name
2. Enter your desired name in New Display Name field.
3. Click Save.
Reset Voicemail PIN
1. Choose My Extensions > Voicemail.
2. Enter a new four digit number in Reset PIN field.
3. Click Save.
Configure Single Number Reach
1. Choose My Extensions > Single Number Reach.
2. Enter the lead digit to dial an outside line followed by
the phone number.
Contact your network administrator to know the lead
digit configured to dial an outside line.
Example: If 9 is the digit to dial an outside line, 1 is the
country code, 555 is the area code, and 9999999 is
the subscriber number, you must enter 915559999999.
3. Click Save..
4. Delete the phone number to turn off Single Number
Divert Calls
1. Choose My Extensions.
2. Turn on Call Forwarding.
3. Select Voice Mail or Other from Forward Calls to
4. Enter the Phone Number if you select Other.
5. Click Save.
6. Turn off Call Forwarding to disable.
Forward Voicemail as Attachments to
1. Choose My Extensions > Voicemail.
2. Enter your Email address in Forward to email field and
Click Save
August 2018