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Cisco 8800 Quick Reference Manual
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8800 Cisco IP Phone
Quick Reference Guide
8800 Phone Layout and Key Descriptions
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Summary of Contents for Cisco 8800

  • Page 1 8800 Cisco IP Phone Quick Reference Guide ____________________________________________________ 8800 Phone Layout and Key Descriptions 8800 Phone Descriptions...
  • Page 2 Handset Light Indicates an incoming call (flashing red) or new voice message Strip (steady red). Shows information about your phone such as directory number, Phone Screen call and line status, softkey options, speed dials, placed calls, and phone menu listings. Your phone provides quick access to your phone lines, features, and call sessions: ...
  • Page 3 Softkey Buttons Depending on how your system administrator sets up the phone, enabled softkey options display on your phone screen. Navigation Ring and Select The navigation ring and select button allows you to scroll Button through, highlight, and select items. Release Button Ends a connected call or session.
  • Page 4: User Preferences

    Back Button Returns to the previous screen or menu. Handset The handset contains the primary mic and speaker. 8800 Phone Quick Task Guide USER PREFERENCES To adjust user preferences: 1. Press Applications button. 2. Scroll to and select Preferences option.
  • Page 5: Dialing And Answering

    DIALING AND ANSWERING To make a call:  Lift the handset and dial a number (or predial by entering the number before lifting the handset).  Press Speakerphone or Headset and dial a number if using speakerphone/headset.  For Internal calls - enter the 4 digit extension number. ...
  • Page 6: Voice Mail Access

     Press DND softkey to enable.  Your phone will not ring, but the call will still flash on screen, and is available to pick up.  Press DND softkey to disable. FORWARD To forward calls: 1. At idle phone, press Forward All softkey. Dial the destination number or select number from Call History.
  • Page 7: Call History

    VOLUME To adjust the handset, headset, or speakerphone volume:  During the call, press Volume button up or down. To adjust the ringer volume:  At an idle phone, press Volume button up or down. CONFERENCE (AD-HOC) To conference in participants: 1.