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Access Your Voicemail Service - Cisco 8821 End User Manual

For business edition 4000
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Tasks on Phone Device
Turn On Your Phone
Press and hold Power/End Call
Turn Off Your Phone
1. Press and hold Power/End Call
2. Press Power off.
Charge the Battery with the AC Power
1. Plug the USB cable into the bottom of the phone with
the pins aligned.
2. Plug the USB cable into the power adapter.
3. Plug the power adapter into the electrical outlet.
Lock the Phone Keypad
You can lock the keypad so that you don't press keys by
Press and hold Zero (0)
until you see the
message that the keypad is locked.
Unlock the Phone Keypad
If you lock the keypad, you need to unlock it to use the
1. Press Unlock.
2. Press Zero (0)
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Cisco Business Edition 4000 End User Guide
Place a Call
1. Enter a phone number.
until the red LED
2. Press Answer/Send
Answer a Call
Press Answer or Answer/Send
for 4 seconds.
Make a Call with a Headset
1. Connect the headset to the headset port availbale on
the top of the phone.
2. Select a line.
3. Enter a phone number.
4. Press Answer/Send
Make a Call with the Phone Speaker
1. Press and hold
phone. The speaker mode gets activated.
2. Dial the phone number.
3. Press Answer/Send
4. Press and hold
Put a Call on Hold
1. From a connected call, press More
2. Press Hold.
available on the right side of the
to place your call.
again to turn off speaker mode.
View Your Recent Calls
1. Access the Recents app.
2. Select Recents.
3. Select a line or All recents.
Mute Your Audio
1. Press Mute
available on the left side of the phone.
2. Press Mute again to turn mute off.

Access Your Voicemail Service

1. Press and hold the One (1)
2. Follow the prompts.
Adjust the Volume During a Call
Press Volume
up and down to adjust the
volume while you are on a call.
Adjust the Phone Ringer Volume
Press Volume
up and down to adjust the
ringer volume when the phone rings.
August 2018