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Change Device Name - Cisco 8821 End User Manual

For business edition 4000
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Tasks on Selfcare Portal

Change Device Name

1. Choose My Phones > Device Name.
2. Edit the text as required and Click Save.
View Assigned Extension(s)
Choose My Phones > Assigned to Extension(s). View
assigned extensions for your phone device.
Assign Actions to Phone Buttons
1. Choose My Phones > Phone Key Layout.
The Buttons that you see here depends on your phone
2. Select Speed Dial or BLF Speed Dial for a button other
than the extension.
3. Enter a valid phone number.
4. Enter the description.
The description entered here is displayed on the phone
5. Click Save.
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Cisco Business Edition 4000 End User Guide
Refer Documentation
Click on your name displayed on the top right corner and
click Documentation.
Change the Selfcare Portal Language
1. Click on your name displayed on the top right corner.
2. Click the language name displayed.
3. Select the desired language.
The Selfcare portal gets localized based on the
Logout of Selfcare Portal
Click on your name displayed on the top right corner and
click Logout.
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