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Canon BJC-6000 User Manual

Canon bjc-6000: user manual
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This manual is copyrighted by Canon Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI) with all rights
reserved. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be reproduced in any form, in
whole or part, without the prior written consent of CCSI.
© 1999 Canon Computer Systems, Inc.
Canon Computer Systems, Inc. has reviewed this manual thoroughly in order that it
will be an easy to use guide to your Canon BJC-6000 Series Color Bubble Jet Printer.
All statements, technical information, and recommendations in this manual and in any
guides or related documents are believed reliable, but the accuracy and completeness
thereof are not guaranteed or warranted, and they are not intended to be, nor should they
be understood to be, representations or warranties concerning the products described.
Your printer and the software media included with your printer have been sold to you
subject to the limited warranties set forth in the warranty card and license agreement
enclosed with the respective product. All software is licensed AS IS, as described in the
license agreement enclosed with the software media. Further, CCSI reserves the right to
make changes in the specifications of the products described in this manual at any time
without notice and without obligation to notify any person of such changes.
Canon, BJ and BJC are registered trademarks and BCI, Bubble Jet, Drop Modulation
Technology, PhotoRealism, and "See What We Mean" are trademarks of Canon Inc.
All other product and brand names are registered trademarks, trademarks, or service
marks of their respective owners.
As an E
® Partner, Canon U.S.A., Inc. has determined that this product meets
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  Summary of Contents for Canon BJC-6000

  • Page 1 Canon Computer Systems, Inc. has reviewed this manual thoroughly in order that it will be an easy to use guide to your Canon BJC-6000 Series Color Bubble Jet Printer. All statements, technical information, and recommendations in this manual and in any...
  • Page 2: Using Your Documentation

    Using Your Documentation The following documentation is supplied with the Canon BJC-6000 Series Color Bubble Jet™ Printer to help you efficiently use your new printer. Quick Start Guide This sheet describes the steps you follow to unpack and set up your printer, and install the BJ Printer Driver that allows your printer to communicate with your computer.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Printer Setup Within Windows 98 and Windows 95 ... Opening the Printer Properties Dialog Box in Windows 98 and Windows 95 ... Using the Printer Driver in Windows 98 and Windows 95 ... Printer Setup Within Windows 3.1 ... Accessing the Printing Options...
  • Page 5 Using Canon’s Specialty Papers ... 3-13 Specialty Paper Guidelines ... 3-13 Printing and Uncurling Back Print Film ... 3-14 Using the Cleaning Sheet for High Resolution Paper ... 3-15 Printing on Fabric Sheets ... 3-16 Printing on Banner Paper ... 3-18 Loading Glossy Photo Paper ...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Canon has an extensive dealer network equipped to offer you supplies as you need them. To find a dealer near you, call the Canon Referral Service at 1-800-848-4123. If supplies are not available from your local dealer, you can order directly from Canon by calling 1-800-385-2155.
  • Page 7: Bj Cartridges And Bj Tanks

    ® Cartridges and BJ Tanks You can use the following BJ cartridges with the BJC-6000 Series printers: BC-30 Black BJ Cartridge BC-31 Color BJ Cartridge BC-32 Photo BJ Cartridge You can purchase the following BJ tanks for use in the BJ cartridges: For the BC-30 Black BJ Cartridge •...
  • Page 8: Canon Specialty Papers

    Canon has more engineers dedicated to creating quality ink for providing the best results for output on Bubble Jet printers than any other organization. Canon does not prohibit the use of third-party inks and the use of third-party inks does not invalidate the product’s limited warranty.
  • Page 9: Customer Care Center

    Customer Care Center Canon Computer Systems, Inc. offers a full range of customer technical support* options including: 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, toll-free automated support for troubleshooting issues on most current products (1-800-423-2366) Speak to a technician free of service charge (currently Monday– Friday, 8:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
  • Page 10: Servicing The Printer

    Servicing the Printer The Canon BJC-6000 Series Color Bubble Jet Printer is designed with the latest technology to provide trouble-free operation. The Warranty Card that comes with the printer describes Canon’s limited warranty for your Bubble Jet printer. Be sure to read the warranty information to find out about the different service options available to you.
  • Page 11 Introduction Chapter 1...
  • Page 12: Using The Printer With Windows

    You must install the BJC-6000 Series Printer Driver for Windows before you can use the printer with your computer. See your Quick Start Guide for instructions.
  • Page 13: Printing A Document

    Start the program you are using to create the document, and open the document you want to print. Make sure the Canon BJC-6000 is selected as your default printer. Choose Print or Print Setup from the File menu. You will...
  • Page 14: Printer Setup Within Windows 98 And Windows 95

    Printer Setup Within Windows 98 and Windows 95 You can use the printer with all your Windows 98 and Windows 95 applications. Opening the Printer Properties Dialog Box in Windows 98 and Windows 95 You can open the Properties dialog box in one of the following ways: From within any Windows application, you can select the Print or Print Setup command.
  • Page 15: Printer Setup Within Windows 3.1

    Printer Setup Within Windows 3.1 You can use the printer with all your Windows 3.1 applications. Accessing the Printing Options You can access the printing options from the Printers dialog box in the Control Panel, or you can select the Print Setup option available from the File menu of most applications that run in Windows.
  • Page 16: The Windows Tabs

    The Windows Tabs The BJC-6000 Series Printer Driver for Windows has several tabs from which you can select your printing options. Be sure to use the Windows help features to learn more about using these settings. The General Tab This tab allows you to add comments regarding the printer driver and print a test page or a separator page.
  • Page 17: The Details Tab

    The Details Tab This tab allows you to specify printer port settings, spool settings, and time-out settings. (You see this tab in Windows 98 and Windows 95 only and only when you open the Properties dialog box from the Printers folder, not from within a Windows application.)
  • Page 18: The Main Tab

  • Page 19: The Paper Tab

  • Page 20: The Features Tab

  • Page 21: The Maintenance Tab

    This tab allows you to initiate print head cleaning, roller cleaning, and test prints. You can also turn the printer on or off and start the BJ Printer Status Monitor. (The printing options on this tab are the same for Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1.)
  • Page 22: Specifying Your Printing Options On The Windows Tabs

    To cancel your setting selections on a tab, click the Cancel button. To save your settings without exiting, click the Apply button. To access helpful information about the printer and the printer driver, click on the Help button. To find out about a setting, click the question mark ? in the upper right corner.
  • Page 23 The Print Mode you select optimizes the printer’s settings for print quality, media, paper feed method, and color adjustment. Select one of the following Print Modes on the Main tab: Text Optimum setting for printing text. Use the BC-30 Black and BC-31 Color BJ Cartridges with this setting.
  • Page 24: Customizing The Print Mode

  • Page 25: The Color Tab

  • Page 26: The Save Tab

    SPECIFY A NEW ICON FOR THIS PRINT MODE SETTING Be sure to save your new setting if you want to use it in the future. Using the Printer With Windows Chapter 2 CHANGES THE ORDER OF THE ICONS; MOVES THE...
  • Page 27: Using The Bj Printer Status Monitor

    The BJ Printer Status Monitor is automatically enabled; therefore, you will see the following screen whenever you initiate a print operation. You can also start the BJ Printer Status Monitor by clicking the Start Status Monitor button on the Maintenance tab (see page 2-10).
  • Page 28: Printing Speed Versus Color

    Printing Speed Versus Color The BJC-6000 Series Printer Driver for Windows can interpret and translate the full spectrum of colors, up to 16.7 million colors. When printing in color, there is a significant increase in the amount of information that the driver has to interpret and translate.
  • Page 29 If you will be printing text in black ink only, choose a Print Mode of Draft or Text. Use Draft mode to emphasize speed rather than quality. In Draft mode, the printer will need to disperse fewer dots. Limit the number of colors on each page The computer will need to calculate and transmit fewer dots.
  • Page 30: Paper Handling

    High Gloss Photo Film The Canon High Gloss Photo Film features a bright white finish that lends striking visual power to charts, graphs, and photographic images. Use this film to make your presentation materials and graphics look professional. When printing on this film, use the BC-32 Photo and BC-31 Color BJ Cartridges.
  • Page 31 Glossy Photo Paper Canon Glossy Photo Paper is a high gloss, thicker paper that produces the look and feel of a photograph. Use this paper with the BC-32 Photo and BC-31 Color BJ Cartridges to produce photo-quality prints from your printer. In the printer driver, select Super Photo for the Print Mode and select Glossy Photo Paper for the Media Type.
  • Page 32 Paper for the Media Type when you load this paper.) Greeting Cards Get the most out of your Canon Creative or other card making software with Canon Greeting Cards. These cards give your unique, personalized cards the look and feel of professional cards. You can create cards, invitations, announcements, and more.
  • Page 33 Paper Handling Chapter 3...
  • Page 34: Paper Guidelines

    Assorted Paper Starter Kit If you would like to try some of the papers described above, look for Canon’s Starter Kit. It contains an assortment of five paper types. If you are printing in an application outside Windows, your software application or printer driver must support mirror image printing in order to use Back Print Film or T-Shirt Transfers.
  • Page 35: Printer Settings For Various Print Media

    Printer Settings for Various Print Media Paper Media thickness lever Plain paper High Gloss Film Glossy Photo Paper Glossy Photo Cards Banner Paper Brilliant White Paper High Resolution Paper T-Shirt Transfers Down Bubble Jet Paper Greeting Cards Down LetterPlus Letterhead...
  • Page 36: Loading Paper

    Manually feed them one sheet at a time. Automatically Feeding Paper Prepare the printer. Make sure the printer is turned Pull the paper support up until it stops. Lower the paper output tray and pull out its extension.
  • Page 37: Auto Feed Guidelines

    Make sure that the printer is turned on. Use the printer driver to set any necessary print properties; for example, you need to change the settings in the printer driver if you are printing photos or using special paper. Auto Feed Guidelines When automatically feeding stacks of paper, follow these guidelines: Do not open the front cover while printing.
  • Page 38: Manually Feeding Paper

    You use the manual feed function when printing on heavier-weight print media (17 lb to 143 lb, 64 g/m to 500 g/m Prepare the printer. Make sure the printer is turned Press the paper thickness lever down to the envelopes position A.
  • Page 39 With the print side up, align the left edge of the sheet with the left side of the manual feed slot on the back of the printer. Insert the sheet into the manual feed slot until it stops and hold it in place for about one second until it feeds partially into the printer.
  • Page 40: Printing On Envelopes

    U.S. Commercial number 10 (COM10) envelopes, and European DL envelopes are recommended. You may be able to stack envelopes of other sizes in the sheet feeder; however, Canon cannot guarantee consistent performance on envelope sizes other than COM10 and DL.
  • Page 41 Prepare the printer. Make sure the printer is turned Make sure the paper thickness lever is pressed down to the position for envelopes A. Pull out the paper output tray and extension. 3-12 PRINT SIDE (ADDRESS SIDE) PAPER OUTPUT TRAY...
  • Page 42 Prepare the envelopes. Arrange the stack of envelopes on a firm surface and press down firmly on the edges to make the folds crisp. Press all the way around the envelopes to remove any curls and to expel air from inside the envelopes.
  • Page 43 Start your print operation. Make sure the printer is turned on. Set the envelope properties in the printer driver if necessary. Normally you specify the envelope settings in your software application. Remove each envelope. Remove each printed envelope as it is ejected from the printer.
  • Page 44: Using Canon's Specialty Papers

    This section provides guidelines for printing on some of Canon’s Specialty Papers. Specialty Paper Guidelines Be sure to read any instructions that come with your Canon specialty paper. These instructions provide important information regarding how to achieve the highest print quality with these papers.
  • Page 45: Printing And Uncurling Back Print Film

    To avoid smudging caused by fingerprints, handle film by holding the edges only. To avoid fading, do not expose the printed film to prolonged sunlight. Store unused papers and films flat. Do not remove papers from their protective packaging until you are ready to use them. Store unused film at temperatures between 59°F to 86°F (15°C to 30°C).
  • Page 46: Using The Cleaning Sheet For High Resolution Paper

    Using the Cleaning Sheet for High Resolution Paper Canon’s High Resolution Paper is designed for high quality printing. This paper is specially coated to produce delicate color output. After using a package of High Resolution Paper (100 sheets), you need to use the cleaning sheet enclosed with the paper to remove paper dust from the printer’s...
  • Page 47: Printing On Fabric Sheets

    Printing on Fabric Sheets The Fabric Sheets for Canon printers come with a booklet that describes special handling procedures. Be sure to look through this booklet for special information regarding the Fabric Sheets. This section describes specific steps for using Fabric Sheets with the printer.
  • Page 48 In the Main tab, select Fabric Sheet for Media Type. In the Paper tab, select Letter or A4 for the Page Size. Close the printer driver and start the print operation from your Windows application. Dry and then wash the fabric sheet.
  • Page 49: Printing On Banner Paper

    See the booklet that comes with the fabric sheets for details on drying and washing. Printing on Banner Paper For best results, use Canon Banner Paper. To set up a print job on banner paper, you must decide on the number of sheets you need.
  • Page 50 Prepare the printer. Make sure the printer is turned Make sure the paper support is not extended. Make sure the paper thickness lever is pressed to the up position Pull out the paper output tray and its extension. Prepare the banner paper.
  • Page 51 Open the Windows application you are going to use to print. From the File menu, select Print. Then select your print options using the BJC-6000 Series Printer Driver for Windows. • For Media Type, select Plain Paper. • For the Page size, select Letter or A4.
  • Page 52: Loading Glossy Photo Paper

    Loading Glossy Photo Paper When you load Glossy Photo Paper in the printer, always use the Loading Support Sheet A provided with the package. Prepare the sheets.
  • Page 53 Paper Handling 3-24 Chapter 3...
  • Page 54: Maintaining The Printer

    Maintaining the Printer This chapter covers the care required for your printer. It includes: Printer guidelines Cleaning the printer Performing maintenance Printing the Nozzle Check Pattern Cleaning the print heads Deep cleaning the print heads BJ cartridge guidelines Replacing a BJ tank in a BJ cartridge...
  • Page 55: Printer Guidelines

    When you unplug the power cord, grasp the plug itself. Do not pull on the cord. Do not place the printer too close to a fluorescent lamp. Allow at least six inches (15 cm) clearance between the printer and any fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lamps generate electrical noise that may cause printer malfunctions.
  • Page 56: Cleaning The Printer

    Your printer requires little routine maintenance. Perform the following maintenance, as necessary, to keep your printer in good operating condition. Before cleaning the printer, be sure to turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Do not clean the exterior of the printer with volatile liquids such as thinners, benzene, or any spray-type or chemical cleaners;...
  • Page 57: Performing Maintenance

    BJ tanks. If a BJ tank is low or has run out of ink, replace it. When a BJ tank runs out of ink, the printer beeps four times and the BJ Printer Status Monitor opens and displays a message to warn you that a BJ tank has run out of ink.
  • Page 58: Printing The Nozzle Check Pattern

    Perform a Nozzle Check Pattern when your printouts are streaked or the color tones on your printout are not correct. You use the Test Prints option on the Maintenance tab in your BJC-6000 Series Printer Driver to print a Nozzle Check Pattern. Before selecting the Test Prints option, make sure paper is properly loaded in the sheet feeder (see Automatically Feeding Paper starting on page 3-6) and the printer is turned on.
  • Page 60: Cleaning The Print Heads

    Cleaning the Print Heads Your printer is equipped with two print head cleaning functions to ensure constant high quality printing. Always execute normal print head cleaning first. If this does not correct the problem, execute deep print head cleaning. The printer automatically performs normal print head cleaning each time you turn it on.
  • Page 61 To check the print head performance, print the Nozzle Check Pattern (see page 4-5). If the results of the Nozzle Check Pattern are not satisfactory, check the BJ Printer Status Monitor for a low ink warning or remove the BJ tanks and visually check the ink levels in the tanks.
  • Page 62: Deep Cleaning The Print Heads

    BJ Cartridge or a BC-32 Photo BJ Cartridge. BJ Cartridge and BJ Tank Maintenance The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your printer and to ensure optimum print quality is take care of the BJ cartridges.
  • Page 63: Replacing Bj Tanks And Bj Cartridges

    Make sure you store any opened BJ cartridge (that is not being used in the printer) in the SB-30 Ink Cartridge Storage Box. Keep BJ cartridges and BJ tanks in their sealed containers until you are ready to use them.
  • Page 64: Replacing A Bj Tank In A Bj Cartridge

    Replacing a BJ Tank in a BJ Cartridge When a BJ tank runs out of ink, the printer will beep four times and the flash orange. When you purchase extra BJ tanks, make sure you get the correct BJ tanks for each BJ cartridge.
  • Page 65 Open the front cover. The printer beeps and moves the cartridge holder to the center of the printer. light POWER blinks while the cartridge holder is positioned to the center of the printer. Remove the empty BJ tank. The color cartridge is on the right.
  • Page 66 Never attempt to reattach a protective cap to a BJ tank. Discard the protective cap and protective tape according to the local laws and regulations regarding disposal of consumables. 4-14 PROTECTIVE CAP Maintaining the Printer Chapter 4...
  • Page 67 POWER will take about two minutes. After print head cleaning is finished, the light stays POWER on and the printer is ready for operation. Perform another test print to make sure the new color BJ tanks are functioning normally. Chapter 4...
  • Page 68: Replacing A Bj Cartridge

    If the print head is hot, it may not move until it has cooled down. Never attempt to force the cartridge holder manually. Wait a few minutes for the print head to cool down; the cartridge holder will then move to the center of the printer. 4-16...
  • Page 69 BJ cartridge. Never touch the metal contacts or the print head on a BJ cartridge. If you are discarding a used BJ cartridge, do so immediately. Handle the used BJ cartridge with care to avoid spilling ink on your hands or clothing. Chapter 4 Maintaining the Printer 4-17...
  • Page 70 The protective tank protects the BJ cartridge and cannot be used for printing. Discard this tank as soon as you remove it; do not attempt to re-attach it to the BJ cartridge. 4-18 PROTECTIVE PROTECTIVE CAP TAPE PROTECTIVE TANK Maintaining the Printer Chapter 4...
  • Page 71 Do not attempt to start any other operation until the light stops flashing. POWER Be sure to align the print heads after replacing or switching BJ cartridges. See the next section for details. Chapter 4 Maintaining the Printer 4-19...
  • Page 72: Aligning The Print Heads

    Make sure paper is loaded and start the printer driver. Windows 98 and Windows 95: Click Start, point to Settings, and click Printers. Right click the Canon BJC-6000 icon and then choose Properties from the pop-up window. Click the Maintenance tab.
  • Page 73: Aligning The Print Heads Automatically

    Maintenance tab (see page 2-10 for details). Aligning the Print Heads Automatically If your printer driver is set up to align the print heads automatically (this is the default), you simply start print head alignment from the Maintenance tab.
  • Page 74: Aligning The Print Heads Manually

    Aligning the Print Heads Manually If your printer driver is set up to align the print heads manually, follow these steps. Follow the instructions on each screen. Read each screen and click OK as needed to continue. Check the line patterns on the test print.
  • Page 75 Enter the necessary adjustments. Click the arrows on the boxes to enter the numbers for each alignment. When you are finished, click the OK button. Complete the alignment. Chapter 4 Maintaining the Printer 4-23...
  • Page 76 Print the Nozzle Check Pattern. On the Maintenance tab, click the first icon next to Test Prints. CLICK THIS ICON The Nozzle Check Pattern looks like this (see page 4-6 for details). 4-24 Maintaining the Printer Chapter 4...
  • Page 77: Storing A Bj Cartridge

    Storing a BJ Cartridge Whenever you unwrap a BJ cartridge, you must either install it in the printer or store it in the SB-30 Ink Cartridge Storage Box to prevent the print head from drying and clogging. The storage box is for the BC-30 Black BJ Cartridge or BC-32 Photo BJ Cartridge only.
  • Page 78: Transporting The Printer

    Transporting the Printer If you plan to move the printer from one location to another, or if you want to store it, follow these steps. Turn off the printer. Make sure the print head is in the home position on the right side of the printer.
  • Page 79 BJ tank from which you have removed the protective cap. An opened BJ cartridge or BJ tank that is not installed in the printer (or in the Ink Cartridge Storage Box) may leak, and the print head may dry out.
  • Page 80 Maintaining the Printer 4-28 Chapter 4...
  • Page 81: Troubleshooting

    For complete problem solving information, be sure to use our support services. See Canon Customer Care Center in Chapter 1 (page 1-4) for details on Canon’s customer technical support options.
  • Page 82: Basic Problems

    Paper does not feed from the sheet feeder An error message appears Printing halts Printout is unsatisfactory Printer beeps and the POWER For all other problems, be sure to use Canon’s support services described on page 1-4. light flashes orange Troubleshooting Chapter 5...
  • Page 83 The BJ Printer Status Monitor uses messages and pictures to display the printing progress and the status of the printer while it is printing. When the ink or paper runs out or a paper jam occurs, the BJ Printer Status Monitor automatically appears.
  • Page 84: Cannot Install The Printer Driver

    Click on OK, and OK again. Click on Start and Shut Down. Restart the Computer. Install Canon Creative. Install applications individually. Check that the Windows Explorer can successfully read the CD. If the CD is unreadable, call the Canon Customer Care Center (see page 1-4). Troubleshooting Chapter 5...
  • Page 85: Paper Does Not Feed From Sheet Feeder

    Check that you are using appropriate media Paper that is folded, curled, or crumpled will not feed into the printer correctly, and may also cause paper jams. Select Auto Feeder Open the Printer Properties dialog box. On the Main tab, click the Advanced button.
  • Page 86: An Error Message Appears

    Check the parallel cable Make sure the parallel cable is securely fastened to the computer and the printer. See the Quick Start Guide for details. Try to use another printer cable Make sure the cable is an IEEE 1284-compatible parallel interface cable.
  • Page 87 System icon. On the Device Manager tab, double-click Ports (COM & LPT1). Double-click Canon BJ ECP Printer Port (LPT1). The Device status should read “This device is working properly.” Remove the installed BJ printer driver and then...
  • Page 88 Printing does not start due to an application error or General Protection Fault Printing from a Windows 3.1 application Multiple software applications running Sufficient memory not available for the software application Sufficient space not available on hard disk Change applications A Windows 3.1 application installed on a Windows 98 or Windows 95 system may cause this problem.
  • Page 89: Printing Halts

    If there is no problem with the new document, the original file was probably faulty. If the same problem occurs with the new file, visit Canon’s Web site or call the Canon Customer Care Center for help (see page 1-4).
  • Page 90: Printout Is Unsatisfactory

    Turn off the printer and computer, turn them on again, and try printing again. Restart print operation Start the print procedure again and make sure Canon BJC-6000 is the selected printer driver. Check parallel cable Make sure the parallel cable is securely fastened to the computer and printer.
  • Page 91 Check the parallel cable Make sure the parallel cable is securely fastened to the computer and printer. See the Quick Start Guide for details. Try to use another printer cable Make sure you are using an IEEE 1284-compatible parallel interface cable.
  • Page 92 Clean the print heads (see page 4-7). Replace the BJ tanks as necessary (see page 4-12). Check the printer driver settings To print a photo, select the correct print media icon for the document you are printing (such as SuperPhoto).
  • Page 93 Color tab. Move the intensity slider to the left to lower the print intensity. light will light or flash and the printer will beep. Set the paper correctly If paper has jammed in the printer, remove the jam and press the button.
  • Page 94 Press the button to skip the error so you RESUME can continue printing. Call the Canon Customer Care Center to find out how to have the waste ink tank replaced immediately. When the waste ink tank becomes full, the printer...
  • Page 95 If necessary, replace the BJ cartridges. If the error continues to occur, count the number of beeps and flashes and call the Canon Customer Care Center (see page 1-4). You may be asked for this information. Chapter 5...
  • Page 96: Clearing Paper Jams

    If possible, remove the jammed sheet. Slowly pull the paper out either from the paper feed side or the paper output side, whichever is easier. Now press If the paper tears off inside the printer, turn off the printer. Open the printer’s cover, and remove the paper left inside the printer.
  • Page 97: Using The Operator Panel

    Flashes green—Print job in progress • Flashes orange—Error; remove cause of error before you resume printing RESUME button After you have removed the cause of a printer error, press to resume printing. Press and hold the RESUME release to perform these special tasks: •...
  • Page 98 Troubleshooting 5-18 Chapter 5...
  • Page 99: Appendix A Specifications

    Printing Method Bubble Jet ink on-demand Print Resolution 1440 720 (horizontal vertical) dpi on Canon Specialty Paper Print Speed BC-30 Black BJ Cartridge: 8 ppm* BC-31 Color BJ Cartridge: 5 ppm* *High Speed Draft Mode—Print speed will vary depending on system...
  • Page 100 Canon Greeting Cards Canon LetterPlus Letterhead Paper Canon Back Print Film Canon Transparencies Canon Banner Paper Envelopes: U.S. Commercial number 10, Canon, or European DL 8.5 in. 11 in. 9 in. 13.3 in. 8.5 in. 14 in. 210 mm 297 mm...
  • Page 101: Printable Area

    The printable area includes the recommended printing area and the actual printable area. Recommended Printing Area Canon recommends that you print within this area. Printable Area The area in which it is possible to print. However, printing in this area can adversely affect the print quality or the paper feed precision.
  • Page 102 Fabric Sheets U.S. Commercial No. 10 Envelope European DL Envelope Banner Paper When you print on Banner Paper, the maximum length is 6 sheets. Printable Area (width x length) Fabric Sheet Letter: 8" 10.6" 203.2 mm Printable Area (width x length) U.S.
  • Page 103: Bj Cartridges

    BJ Cartridges BC-30 Black BJ Cartridge Print head Yield* Print head life BC-31 Color BJ Cartridge Print head Yield* Print head life BC-32 Photo BJ Cartridge Print head Yield* Print head life * Based on the number of pages per BJ tank over the printable area. General Interface IEEE 1284-compatible parallel interface...
  • Page 104: Hardware And Software Requirements

    (If you do not have a CD ROM drive, you can download the printer driver from Canon’s Web site or BBS, or call the Canon Customer Care Center to order the Printer Setup on diskettes for a small shipping and handling fee. See the Canon Customer Care Center information on page 1-4 for numbers.)
  • Page 105: Glossary

    Glossary Automatic feed Refers to one way in which paper can be fed into the printer when the sheet feeder is used. BJ cartridge The printing mechanism that contains the print head unit and BJ tanks. Bubble Jet printing An ink jet type of printing that heats the ink to a boiling point in a nozzle to form a bubble.
  • Page 106 Halftone Using this method, the printer produces shades of gray or of colors by mapping dots to be printed. For color printing, different colored dots of ink are placed closely together to create illusions of other colors.
  • Page 107 Printable area The area of a sheet of paper on which a printer can reproduce text or graphics (the printing area is smaller than the paper). On this printer, the printing area varies depending on the type of paper being used.
  • Page 108 Resolution values are represented by horizontal data and vertical data, for example, 360 360 dpi. This printer can produce output with resolutions up to 1440 720 dpi precision on specialty paper.
  • Page 109: Index

    2-7, 2-13 specifications: A-5 standard configuration: 4-12 storage box: 4-11, 4-16, 4-25, 4-27 storing: 4-25 yield: A-5 BJ Printer Status Monitor: 4-4, 4-21, 5-3 starting: 2-10 using: 2-16 BJ tanks: 1-2–3, 4-10–15 maintenance: 4-10–11 replacing: 4-11–15 Borders, printing: 2-9...
  • Page 110 Canon Authorized Service Facility: 1-5 Bulletin Board Service: 1-4, 5-1 Canada: 1-4 Creative Pro: A-6 Customer Care Center: 1-4–5, 5-1 dealer: 1-1, 1-4 Fax Retrieval System: 1-4, 5-1 help: 1-4, 5-1 Referral Service: 1-1 Specialty Papers: 1-3, 3-1–5, 3-13–23, A-2...
  • Page 111 4-2 specialty paper: 3-13–14 Halftoning settings: 2-13 Hardware requirements: A-6 Heavier-weight print media: 3-5, 3-8 Help Canon: 1-4 printer driver: 2-3 High Gloss Photo Film: 1-3, 3-1, 3-5, 3-13, A-1–2 Index High Resolution Paper: 1-3, 3-2, 3-5, 3-15, A-1–2...
  • Page 112 2-13 Paper guide: 3-7–8, 3-12 Paper output tray: 3-6–7, 3-10 Paper Size settings: 2-8 Paper support: 3-6 Paper tab, printer driver: 2-8, 3-20 Paper thickness lever: 3-5, 3-8, 3-10, 3-16, 3-19 Parallel cable: A-5–6 Pentium processor: A-6 Performing maintenance: 4-4...
  • Page 113 1-5 setup: 2-3–4 software: 2-1 stands: 4-2 status: 2-16 transporting: 4-26–27 using with Windows: 2-1–10 Printer driver: 3-17, 3-20, 4-5, 4-20 cannot install: 5-4 help: 2-3 printer maintenance: 4-5, 4-7 problem: 5-7 using: 2-1, 2-3 Printing back print film: 3-14 banner paper: 3-18–21...
  • Page 114 4-25, 4-27 Storing BJ cartridge: 4-25 environment: A-5 SuperPhoto mode: 2-12 Supplies: 1-1–2 Support, Canon: 1-4, 5-1 Swap file, Windows 3.1: 2-17 Switching device: 5-6, 5-10–11 System memory: 2-18, A-6 Tabs, Windows: 2-5–15 Technical support: 1-4, 5-1 Temperature: 3-14, A-5...
  • Page 115: Fcc Regulations

    FCC Regulations This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
  • Page 116 FCC Regulations FCC-2...

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