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Printing Text - Canon BJ-20 User Manual

Canon bj-20: user manual
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BJ- 1Oe
From the Control Panel
Make sure the printer is online.
Simultaneously press the two switches (PITCH and FONT). Each press
turns the LQ indicator on or off.
Whenever you use the control panel to change printer
emulation, all current printer setting changes made from the
control panel (such as font and character pitch) are lost; the
BJ-20 refers to the DIP switches to form printer settings for
the new emulation.
The eight DIP switches (1, 5-11) are assigned different
functions in different printer modes (page 63). Therefore,
physically changing a DIP switch position in a mode will
affect the function assigned to this switch in the other mode
if the printer emulation is changed with the control panel.
For example in BJ-10e mode DIP SW 10 is used to set the
buffer size, while in LQ mode this is used for font selection.
From the DIP

Printing Text

Printer Emulation
Epson LQ-510
IBM Proprinter X24E
Canon BJ-130e
The change is lost when the printer is turned off.
The change is not lost when the printer is turned off.
Make sure the printer is turned off.
Use a ball point pen (or similar object) to change the DIP switch
12. When the DIP switch 12 set to OFF, the BJ-10e mode is
If the DIP switch 11 is ON, the printer emulates the Canon BJ-
130e printer, otherwise it emulates the IBM Proprinter X24E
When the DIP switch 12 set to ON, the LQ mode is selected.



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