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Chapter 1 Introduction; How To Use This Manual - Canon BJ-20 User Manual

Canon bj-20: user manual
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Chapter 1 Introduction

How to Use This Manual

This manual describes how to set up and operate the BJ-20, a portable printer from
Chapter 2 is recommended for all users. It provides step-by-step instructions on
setting up the BJ-20 for basic printing. When you finish this chapter, you should be
able to begin your productive work. If any printer problems occur, see the
"Troubleshooting" section.
The rest of the manual can be used in any order. As you gain experience you can read
the appropriate topic to customize the printer to your particular needs.
The overview diagrams on pages 10 to 13 contain page indications for quick retrieval
of information.
If you need to travel with the printer, see page 38.
The following symbols are used in this manual to help you operate the printer
correctly and safely.
Means serious damage may occur to your hardware or software.
Gives useful advice or suggestions to raise the performance or
reliability of your hardware and software.
The BJ-20 is a portable printer designed around Canon's proprietary bubble-jet
printing technology. Amongst others, it has the following major features:
The BJ-20 fits easily into a briefcase. The rechargeable battery pack (optional)
extends your ability to use it where AC power is not accessible.
Low Noise Level
With noise level as low as 45 decibels (dBA), the BJ-20 allows you to print even in
an open-office environment.



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