Husqvarna T 4000 Petrol Workshop Manual

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Workshop manual
T 4000 Petrol
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  • Page 1 Workshop manual T 4000 Petrol English 1331 - 001 -...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 Document description..........3 1.2 Target group............3 1.3 Revisions..............3 1.4 Safety..............3 1.5 Servicing tools............3 2 Safety 2.1 Safety definitions............4 2.2 General safety instructions........4 2.3 Special safety instructions........4 2.4 Symbols on the product......... 4 3 Servicing tools 3.1 Servicing tools overview.........5 4 Prepare and do servicing on the product 4.1 Maintenance schedule...........
  • Page 3: Introduction

    WARNING: All personnel that repair or do servicing on the product must read and understand the safety instructions in this workshop manual. 1.5 Servicing tools The manual gives information about necessary servicing tools. Always use original tools from Husqvarna. 1331 - 001 - Introduction - 3...
  • Page 4: Safety

    2 Safety 2.1 Safety definitions Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure that you understand the Warnings, cautions and notes are used to point out instructions before use. specially important parts of the manual. WARNING: Used if there is a risk of injury or Use hearing protection and eye death for the operator or bystanders if the protection.
  • Page 5: Servicing Tools

    3 Servicing tools 3.1 Servicing tools overview Position Designation Used for Order No./Source Carb twist drill, 0.197 in./5 mm To install a new engine. Inner puller To remove the clutch. There are many manufacturers, for example: Kukko, Baureihe Drill tool To install a new engine.
  • Page 6: Prepare And Do Servicing On The Product

    4 Prepare and do servicing on the product 4.1 Maintenance schedule Note: For servicing instructions for the engine, refer to engine manual. Operation Before When months months each Daily At 8 h At 50 h Weekly suction or 1000 or 2000 is low Look for signs of wear, damage or loose connections of the controls.
  • Page 7: To Remove And Install The Ignition Key

    4.3 To remove and install the ignition key WARNING: Remove the ignition key before you do servicing on the product. 1. Turn the ignition key in the engine START/STOP switch to the "0" position. 2. Pull out the ignition key from the engine START/ STOP switch.
  • Page 8: Function Overview

    5 Function overview 5.1 Type plate/Product serial number The product serial number is given on the type plate. Supply the model name and the article number when you send an order for spare parts. 5.2 Type plate overview Product # : Model : Serial : 1.
  • Page 9: Repair And Servicing

    6 Repair and servicing 6.1 Product overview for repair and servicing 6.1.1 Product overview for repair instructions 17 18 00000 1. Jet pulse cleaning kit 18. Fuse 2. Prefilter 19. Pressure release valve 3. HEPA filter 20. Manometer 4. Clamps 21.
  • Page 10: To Clean And Examine The Product Parts

    6.1.2 Overview of the electrical system in the control panel 1. Connection for the hour meter 2. Connection for engine START/STOP switch 3. Connection for engine START/STOP switch 4. Connection for fan switch 5. Warning indicator for the fan 6. Fuse 6.2 To clean and examine the product parts •...
  • Page 11: Top Cover

    6.3 Top cover 6.3.2 To remove the jet pulse cleaning kit 1. Remove the 3 rivets on the top cover to get access 6.3.1 To remove the top cover to the jet pulse cleaning kit. 1. Loosen the clamp rings and remove the hoses from the top cover.
  • Page 12 • To clean the prefilter with an external dust extractor, 6.4.3 To replace the HEPA filter do these steps: Only use Husqvarna HEPA filter. To remove the a) Remove the top cover. Refer to WARNING: Use approved protective gloves top cover on page 11 .
  • Page 13: Container

    3. Remove the HEPA filter cover. 3. Remove dust from the container with a moist cloth. 4. Replace decals that are damaged. 6.5.3 To install the container • Install the container in the opposite sequence to remove the container on page 13 . 6.6 Engine 6.6.1 To remove and install the engine 1.
  • Page 14 4. Disconnect the cable for the engine START/STOP 7. Remove the 4 bolts. switch. 5. Disconnect the engine positive cable. 8. Remove the engine. 6. Loosen the 4 screws (C) and remove the clutch guard (D). 9. Install the engine in the opposite sequence. 14 - Repair and servicing 1331 - 001 -...
  • Page 15 6.6.2 To install a new engine 5. Unlock the engine plate from the guard for the fan. Do 1 of these procedures: To remove 1. Remove the defective engine. Refer to a) If it is locked with rivets, remove the rivets with a and install the engine on page 13 .
  • Page 16 7. Install the engine holders on the new engine. 10. Install the oil drain hose on the new engine. 11. Loosen the 3 set screws in the top clutch and lower the top clutch to the lower clutch. 8. Install the top clutch on the new engine and tighten the 3 set screws.
  • Page 17 a) Remove the set screw. e) Use Loctite 243 in the hole. Put the set screw into the hole and tighten the set screw. Make sure that the set screws are equally tightened. b) Install the drill tool into the hole. 15.
  • Page 18 17. Install the spring pins in the 2 holes. This locks the 20. Connect the cable for the engine START/STOP guard for the fan to the engine plate. switch. 18. Make sure that the distance between the field plate 21. Install the throttle wire on the bracket (C). To open or and clutch element is correct.
  • Page 19 24. Connect the engine positive cable. distance between the field plate and clutch element is more than 0.03 in./0.8 mm. 1. Loosen the 4 screws (A) and remove the clutch guard (B). 6.6.3 To open or close the air gap at the magnetic clutch The correct distance between the field plate and clutch element is 0.016 in./0.4 mm (-0.008 in./0.2 mm, +0.012...
  • Page 20 a) Push the shims (D) into the space between the b) Push the 3 shims into the space between the engine mounting plate and engine holders. mounting plates in the clutch. The slot on the shim must align with the bolt. b) Tighten the 4 bolts (E).
  • Page 21: Fan

    6.7 Fan 3. Remove the spark plug with a spark plug wrench. 6.7.1 To replace the fan 1. Loosen the 2 screws and remove the top guard from the side of the product. 4. Examine the spark plug and replace it if it is damaged.
  • Page 22 3. Loosen the 4 screws and remove the top guard from 8. Disconnect the cables from the quick connector. the opposite side of the product. 9. Remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the HEPA 4. Loosen the 5 screws and remove the front guard. filter container.
  • Page 23 11. Remove the 2 screws and washers from the side of 14. Loosen the 4 screws and remove the clutch. the control unit. 12. Lift and remove the HEPA filter container and the control unit from the product. 15. Remove the 4 screws. 13.
  • Page 24 17. Remove the metal spacer, the shim and the key. Do 20. Remove the vibration damping unit. Do not discard not discard the metal spacer, the shim and the key. the vibration damping unit. 18. Remove the 4 nuts and washers. 21.
  • Page 25: Electrical System

    6.8 Electrical system 23. Attach the vibration damping unit. 6.8.1 To replace the fuses 1. Remove the fuse cap (A). 24. Attach the shim, the key and the metal spacer onto the new fan. 2. Pull the fuse (B) from the fuse holder. 3.
  • Page 26: Transportation

    7 Transportation 7.1 Transportation of the product • Make sure that the Longopac dust bag is empty before a transportation. • Make sure that the Longopac dust bag is attached to the product during transportation. • Make sure that the inlet plug is engaged into the inlet.
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    8 Troubleshooting 8.1 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution The engine does not There is no fuel. Fill the fuel tank. start. The fuel does not go into the engine. Replace the fuel tank. Do a check of the fuel hose and the regulator. There is no spark.
  • Page 28: Diagrams

    9 Diagrams 9.1 Electrical diagram 28 - Diagrams 1331 - 001 -...
  • Page 29: Electrical Diagram

    9.2 Electrical diagram Heat shrink tube 60mm Heat shrink tube 150mm 30mm STRAP BATTERY CORRUGATED CORRUGATED TUBE SPLIT TUBE 13mm 10mm MOTOR COUPLING 1331 - 001 - Diagrams - 29...
  • Page 30: Electrical Diagram

    9.3 Electrical diagram 30 - Diagrams 1331 - 001 -...
  • Page 31 1331 - 001 - Diagrams - 31...
  • Page 32: Technical Data

    10 Technical data 10.1 Technical data Engine manufacturer Honda Engine power, HP/kW. 10.2/7.6 Starter Electric Battery type (recommended) AGM (Gel) Battery voltage, V Battery size, max (LxWxH), in./mm 5.9x3.4x5.7/150x88x145 Battery capacity, min Ah Cold cranking, min Amperes Max airflow, CFM/h / m 285/484 Max vacuum, kPa Water lift, in.
  • Page 33 1331 - 001 - Technical data - 33...
  • Page 34 34 - Technical data 1331 - 001 -...
  • Page 35 1331 - 001 - Technical data - 35...
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