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Package Contents; Pdu Installation Procedure; Installing The Pdu Horizontally In A Rack (Preferred Method) - IBM 3454-FCE Customer Install Manual

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Package Contents:

If anything is damaged or missing, contact your IBM representative.
Contents: 3454-FCE, 3454-FCG PDU Kit
PDU side rail Kit
Safety Notices / Installation Instruction CD
Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
1U, Front filler panel
M5x16 Screw
Communication cable
Clip nuts, M5
Cage Nut, M5
Power cord (Default L6-30 or IEC309 32A P+N+E)

PDU Installation Procedure

Pay Attention!
All components must have the same airflow direction when installed in the rack. Cold air
enters at the front of the rack and exits at the rear of the rack. A mismatch in the air
flow direction will affect the heat dissipation. Switches must plan for power supply-to-
connector airflow. i.e. switch network connections must be facing the rear of the rack.
PDUs do not have active cooling and they can be installed in the rear of the rack without
risk of thermal damage.

Installing the PDU horizontally in a rack (preferred method)

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