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Publications; Pdu Description; General Pdu Description - IBM 3454-FCE Customer Install Manual

Cloud pak for data system
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The following IBM documentation is available on the Safety and Regulatory CD included
with your Cloud Pak for Data System rack & components:
1. 00D2304: 3454-GEF, GEH & 3457-GEH_IBM Rack Safety Information
2. 00D2306: IBM Safety Labels
3. 00RP319: 3454-GEF, GEH & 3457-GEH_Rack Unpacking Instructions
4. 01KU561: Acoustical Caution Statement
5. 03FP290: Environmental Notices and User Guide
6. 03GJ020: Customer Install Guide, Rack and System 3454-GEF, GEH & 3457-GEH_
(this document package / CD)
7. 03GJ003: 3454-GEF, GEH & 3457-GEH_Rack-and-System_Install_Guide-
8. 03GJ004: Customer Install Guide, 100G Switch 3454-CAC
9. 03GJ005: Customer Install Guide, 2U Chassis 3453-XXX
10. 03GJ006: Customer Install Guide, 1G Switch 3454-A3C
11. 03GJ007: Customer Install Guide, 25G Switch 3454-B8C 3454-C8C
12. 03GJ008: Customer Install Guide, Power Distribution Unit (PDU) 3454-FCE, FCG
13. 03GJ009: Customer Install Guide, 1U Chassis 3455-XXX
14. 29R2409_Important_Notices
15. G229-9054: IBM Systems Safety Notices translations Pub
These documents contain important safety and environmental information along with
specific installation instructions and specifications for the Cloud Pak for Data System
building blocks.

PDU Description

This document is used in conjunction with the IBM Rack and System Install Guide to
provide guidance on the installation and setup of the Cloud Pak for Data System PDUs.
Both documents can be found in the Safety and Regulatory CD that is shipped with your
Cloud Pak for Data System components. The install documentation for other Cloud
Pak for Data System building blocks (servers, switches, etc.) is also included in the
Safety and Regulatory CD.

General PDU Description:

The Cloud Pak for Data System PDUs are 1U power distribution units that take wall
power from the data center and distribute it throughout the rack.
one input power cord and twelve switched and monitored, C13 output receptacles /
outlets capable of powering the Cloud Pak for Data System building blocks.
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Customer Install Guide, PDU
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