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Wx/Turb-Ahead Alerting (Hazard Display Feature) - Honeywell IntuVue RDR-4000 Pilot's Manual

3-d automatic weather radar system with forward looking windshear detection for airbus sa/lr aircraft


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IntuVue RDR-4000 Weather Radar Pilot's Guide

WX/TURB-AHEAD ALERTING (Hazard Display Feature)

The objective of the Weather/Turbulence Ahead alert is to let the pilot
know when significant weather or turbulence is detected on the flight
plan trajectory. When installed, this feature will:
Monitor a corridor along the current flight path, and out to three
minutes ahead at current aircraft speed.
The presence of turbulence or weather threats is indicated by:
An advisory text message ("WEATHER AHEAD") on the display
when the aircraft altitude is more than 1,500 ft AGL and weather or
turbulence hazards are detected within the corridor.
An aural alert ("Weather Ahead, Weather Ahead") when all of the
following conditions are met:
WXR is not selected for display on either side.
The aircraft altitude is more than 2,500 ft AGL.
The weather or turbulence hazard level changes to a higher level
(e.g., no alert to weather-based alert or to turbulence-based
Rev 1, December 2014
Expanded Operating Instructions

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