Effects Of Interfering Rf Sources - Honeywell IntuVue RDR-4000 Pilot's Manual

3-d automatic weather radar system with forward looking windshear detection for airbus sa/lr aircraft
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IntuVue RDR-4000 Weather Radar Pilot's Guide


An interfering radio frequency (RF) source operating at a frequency
close to the radar's operating frequency can create unusual returns on
the display. The interference may appear as occasional isolated dots,
or as radial spikes of any color (including magenta) on the display.
Algorithms in the software suppress most of these returns, but they
cannot always be completely suppressed. Once the source of
interference is no longer active, the spots will typically be removed after
the antenna re-scans the area and updates the memory (approximately
thirty seconds).
Adjusting the manual gain may help alleviate the effect of the interfering
source but the effect will not completely disappear until the interfering
source is no longer in the radar's field of view and that area of the
memory has been refreshed.
In the above picture, there are at least three sources of interference, at
different frequencies.
Rev 1, December 2014
Principles of Weather Radar Use

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents