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Terrain Alerting And Display - Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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and Display
060-4241-000 • Rev. D - March 2000
MK V & MK VII EGPWS Pilot Guide
In -210-210 and later versions, the look-ahead alerting
algorithms are improved at higher airspeeds (about 300 knots
or greater). The look-ahead distance is designed to provide a
60-second warning alert for up to 8 nm look-ahead (as
opposed to 30-seconds or up to 4 nm).
The specific aural message provided is established during the
initial installation of the EGPWS as a function of whether or not
the terrain and obstacles features are enabled and the selected
audio menu (via program pin selection).
Refer to an applicable AFM or EGPWS AFMS for specific
application information or contact Honeywell for additional
When a compatible Weather Radar, EFIS, or other display is
available and enabled, the EGPWS Terrain Alerting and Display
(TAD) feature provides an image of the surrounding terrain
represented in various colors and intensities.
There are two types of TAD displays depending on the options
selected. The original type provides a terrain image only when
the aircraft is 2000 feet or less above the terrain. A second type
called "Peaks" enhances the display characteristics to provide a
higher degree of terrain awareness independent of the
aircraft's altitude (available for selected display types in
version -206-206 with additional displays added in later
versions). In either case, terrain and obstacles (if enabled)
forward of the aircraft are displayed. Obstacles are presented
on the cockpit display as terrain, employing the same
display-coloring scheme. TAD, Peaks and Obstacle functions
are enabled by EGPWS program pin selection.
NOTE: With respect to Non-Peaks or Peaks display, terrain and
or obstacle presentation is always based on (and scaled for) the
geographic area available for display. Consequently,
terrain and/or obstacles outside of the selected display range
and defined display sweep do not have any effect on the
displayed image.

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Table of Contents

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