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Operation - Mitsubishi Electric SLZ-KF09 Operation Manual

Split-system heat pump
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Table of Contents
2. Parts Names
Notes (Only for wireless remote controller):
■ When using the wireless remote controller, point it towards the receiver on the indoor unit.
■ If the remote controller is operated within approximately 2 minutes after power is supplied to the
indoor unit, the indoor unit may beep twice as the unit is performing the initial automatic check.
■ The indoor unit beeps to confirm that the signal transmitted from the remote controller has been
received. Signals can be received up to approximately 7 meters (23 feet) in a direct line from the
indoor unit in an area 45° to the left and right of the unit. However, illumination such as fluorescent
lights and strong light can affect the ability of the indoor unit to receive signals.
■ If the operation lamp near the receiver on the indoor unit is blinking, the unit needs to be inspected.
Consult your dealer for service.
■ Handle the remote controller carefully! Do not drop the remote controller or subject it to strong
shocks. In addition, do not get the remote controller wet or leave it in a location with high humidity.
■ To avoid misplacing the remote controller, install the holder included with the remote controller on
a wall and be sure to always place the remote controller in the holder after use.
■ If the indoor unit beeps 4 times when you are using the wireless remote controller, switch the auto
mode setting to the AUTO (single set point) mode or AUTO (dual set point) mode.
For details, refer to the included Notice (A5 sheet) or the Installation Manual.
I Outdoor unit

3. Operation

About the operation method, refer to the operation manual that comes with each remote controller.
3.1. Turning ON/OFF
Press the [ON/OFF] button.
The ON/OFF lamp will light up in
green, and the operation will start.
Even if you press the ON/OFF button immediately after shutting down the operation is progress, the air conditioner will not start for about 3
This is to prevent the internal components from being damaged.
Ref. Pipes
Connection wire
Battery installation/replacement
1. Remove the top cover, insert two LR6 AA bat-
teries, and then install the top cover.
Top cover
Two LR6 AA batteries
Insert the negative (–) end of each
battery first. Install the batteries in
the correct directions (+, –)!
2. Press the Reset button.
Press the Reset button with an
object that has a narrow end.
Press the [ON/OFF] button again.
The ON/OFF lamp will come off, and
the operation will stop.



Table of Contents

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