Emergency Operation For Wireless Remote-Controller; Trouble Shooting - Mitsubishi Electric SLZ-KF09 Operation Manual

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6. Emergency Operation for Wireless Remote-controller
7. Trouble Shooting
Having trouble?
Air conditioner does not heat or cool well.
When heating operation starts, warm air does not blow from the indoor
unit soon.
During heating mode, the air conditioner stops before the set room tem-
perature is reached.
During cooling mode, the air conditioner stops when the set room tem-
perature is reached.
Airflow direction changes during operation or airflow direction cannot be set.
When the airflow direction is changed, the vanes always move up and down
past the set position before finally stopping at the position.
A flowing water sound or occasional hissing sound is heard.
A cracking or creaking sound is heard.
The room has an unpleasant odor.
A white mist or vapor is emitted from the indoor unit.
Water or vapor is emitted from the outdoor unit.
" appears in the remote controller display.
When restarting the air conditioner soon after stopping it, it does not oper-
ate even though the ON/OFF button is pressed.
When the remote controller cannot be used
When the batteries of the remote controller run out or the remote
controller malfunctions, the emergency operation can be done using the
emergency buttons on the grille.
B Operation lamp
C Emergency operation cooling switch
D Emergency operation heating switch
E Receiver
Starting operation
• To operate the cooling mode, press the
• To operate the heating mode, press the
• Lighting of the Operation lamp B means the start of operation.
Details of emergency mode are as shown below.
Details of EMERGENCY MODE are as shown below.
Operation mode
Set temperature
Fan speed
Airflow direction
Stopping operation
• To stop operation, press the
2 seconds.
Here is the solution. (Unit is operating normally.)
I Clean the filter. (Airflow is reduced when the filter is dirty or clogged.)
I Check the temperature adjustment and adjust the set temperature.
I Make sure that there is plenty of space around the outdoor unit. Is the
indoor unit air intake or outlet blocked?
I Has a door or window been left open?
I Warm air does not blow until the indoor unit has sufficiently warmed up.
I When the outdoor temperature is low and the humidity is high, frost
may form on the outdoor unit. If this occurs, the outdoor unit performs a
defrosting operation. Normal operation should begin after approximately
15 minutes.
I For SLZ-KF·NA series, when the set room temperature is reached during
cooling mode, the fan operates at the lowest speed.
I During heating mode, the vanes automatically move to the horizontal
airflow direction when the airflow temperature is low or during defrosting
I When the airflow direction is changed, the vanes move to the set position
after detecting the base position.
I These sounds can be heard when refrigerant is flowing in the air condi-
tioner or when the refrigerant flow is changing.
I These sounds can be heard when parts rub against each due to expan-
sion and contraction from temperature changes.
I The indoor unit draws in air that contains gases produced from the walls,
carpeting, and furniture as well as odors trapped in clothing, and then
blows this air back into the room.
I If the indoor temperature and the humidity are high, this condition may
occur when operation starts.
I During defrosting mode, cool airflow may blow down and appear like a
I During cooling mode, water may form and drip from the cool pipes and
I During heating mode, water may form and drip from the heat exchanger.
I During defrosting mode, water on the heat exchanger evaporates and
water vapor may be emitted.
I During central control, "
" appears in the remote controller display and
air conditioner operation cannot be started or stopped using the remote
I Wait approximately three minutes.
(Operation has stopped to protect the air conditioner.)
button C for more than 2
button D for more than 2
24°C, 75°F
24°C, 75°F
Downward 4 (5)
button C or the
button D for more than



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