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Specifications - Mitsubishi Electric SLZ-KF09 Operation Manual

Split-system heat pump
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Table of Contents
8. Installation, relocation and inspection
If the air conditioner operates but does not cool or heat (depending on model) the room, consult your dealer since there may be a refrigerant
leak. Be sure to ask the service representative whether there is refrigerant leakage or not when repairs are carried out.
The refrigerant charged in the air conditioner is safe. Refrigerant normally does not leak, however, if refrigerant gas leaks indoors, and comes
into contact with the fire of a fan heater, space heater, stove, etc., harmful substances will be generated.
Electrical work
• Provide an exclusive circuit for power supply of the air conditioner.
• Be sure to observe the breaker capacity.
• The customer should not install this unit. If the unit is installed incorrectly, fire, electric shock, injury due to a falling unit, water leakage, etc.
may result.
• Do not connect using branched outlet or an extension cord, and do not attach many loads to one electric outlet.
A fire or electric shock may result from poor contact, poor insulation, exceeding the permissible current, etc.
Consult your dealer.
• Apply grounding
Do not connect a grounding wire to a gas pipe, water pipe, lightning rod or ground wire of a telephone.
If a grounding is incorrect, it may cause an electric shock.
• Install an earth leakage breaker depending on the place where the air conditioner is to be installed (humid place, etc.).
If the earth leakage breaker is not installed, it may cause an electric shock.
Inspection and maintenance
• When the air conditioner is used for several seasons, the capacity may be lowered due to dirt inside the unit.
• Depending upon the conditions of use, an odor may be generated or dirt, dust, etc. may prevent proper drainage.
• It is recommended to apply inspection and maintenance (charged) by a specialist in addition to normal maintenance. Consult your dealer.
Also consider operation sound
• Do not put an object around the air outlet of the outdoor unit. It may cause lowering of capacity or increase operating sound.
• If abnormal sound is heard during operation, consult your dealer.
• When the air conditioner is to be removed or reinstalled because of rebuilding, moving, etc., special techniques and work are required.
Repair or relocation should not be done by the customer.
If this is done incorrectly, it may cause a fire, electric shock, injury by dropping of the unit, water leakage, etc. Consult your dealer.
• To dispose of this product, consult your dealer.

9. Specifications

Power Supply (Voltage <V>, Frequency <Hz>)
Rated Input (Indoor only)
Rated Current (Indoor only)
Dimension (Height)
Dimension (Width)
Dimension (Depth)
Fan airflow rate (Low-Middle-High)
Noise level (Low-Middle-High)
Net weight
Notes: 1. This figure ( ) indicates GRILLE's.
2. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Guaranteed operating range
Upper limit
35°C (95°F) D.B, 21.7°C (71°F) W.B
Lower limit
19.4°C (67°F) D.B, 13.9°C (57°F) W.B
Upper limit
26.7°C (80°F) D.B, 19.4°C (67°F) W.B
Lower limit
21.1°C (70°F) D.B, 15.6°C (60°F) W.B
*1 Depend on outdoor unit.
Units should be installed by licensed electric contractor accordingly to local code requirement.
If you have any question, consult your dealer.
230 - 265 - 300
25 - 28 - 31
24°C (75°F) D.B, 18°C (65°F) W.B
-20°C (-4°F) D.B, -21°C (-5°F) W.B
Single, 208/230, 60
9-21/32 (13/32)
22-7/16 (24-19/32)
22-7/16 (24-19/32)
230 - 280 - 335
245 - 315 - 405
25 - 30 - 34
27 - 34 - 39
30.6 (5.3)
Outdoor *1
46°C (115°F) D.B
-10°C (14°F) D.B
300 - 420 - 475
32 - 40 - 43



Table of Contents

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