Mitsubishi Electric ecodan Homeowner Quick Start Manual

Mitsubishi Electric ecodan Homeowner Quick Start Manual

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Homeowner Quick Start Guide
Version 2


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  • Page 1 Homeowner Quick Start Guide Version 2...
  • Page 3 Introduction to Your New Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Heating System This booklet has been created to enable you to quickly personalise the Heating System controls to provide the best operation conditions for your home. If you require more in depth information and system settings please refer to the instruction booklet provided with the cylinder unit.
  • Page 4: Heating System

    The control panel allows you to customise the settings to your requirements. Heating System This is the method used to transfer heat from the Ecodan to the home. Most often large radiators, but sometimes under floor heating. TRV’s Your radiators may be fitted with Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s).
  • Page 5 Save Energy, Save Money How to operate your system efficiently The Ecodan provides water at a lower temperature than the gas or oil fired boiler you may be used to. This means that you may notice some differences between this system and ones you have used before.
  • Page 6: Customising Settings For Your Home

    Customising Settings For Your Home To change the settings of your heating system please use the main controller located on the front panel of the cylinder unit or on a wall. The following is a quick guide to viewing the main settings. Should you require more information please refer to the instruction booklet included with the cylinder.
  • Page 7 Controller Display Settings Icon Description Legionella When this icon is displayed Legionella prevention prevention mode is active. Heat pump ‘Heat Pump’ is running Defrosting Emergency heating Electric heater When this icon is displayed the electric heaters are in use. Target Target flow temperature temperature Target room temperature...
  • Page 8: General Operation

    General Operation This screen shows the target temperature, space heating mode, domestic hot water mode, any additional heat sources being used, holiday mode and the date and time. Home Screen Use the function buttons to access further information. When this screen is displayed pressing F1* will display the current status whilst pressing F4* will transfer the user to the...
  • Page 9: Viewing System Settings

    Viewing System Settings To access the main settings menu, press button B ‘MENU’. The following menus 1 Sep 2012 12:30 will be displayed: • DHW (Domestic Hot Water) • Heating Hot water (DHW) • Schedule • Holiday • Initial setting •...
  • Page 10 Schedule When setting up the system your installer should discuss with you your heating and domestic hot water requirements so that the optimum schedule can be created. Activation or deactivation of the schedule is set up in the option screen. (See page 8). Detailed setting instructions are available in the instruction booklet provided with the cylinder unit.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    Noisy pipework This is warm air being blown from the Air may be trapped in the system: Ecodan to ensure the internal parts don’t Try bleeding radiators (if present) using freeze. It is known as the defrost cycle: a radiator key, if the symptoms persist Normal operation, no action necessary.
  • Page 12 Country of origin: United Kingdom – Japan – Thailand – Malaysia. ©Mitsubishi Electric Europe 2012. Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi Electric are trademarks of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. The company reserves the right to make any variation in technical specification to the equipment described, or to withdraw or replace products without prior notification or public announcement.

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Table of Contents