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Choosing The Heating Element Position; Choosing The Accessories; Grilling - Samsung FG87KST Owner's Instructions And Cooking Manual

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Choosing the Heating Element Position

The heating element is used when grilling. There is only one position
listed. We need to tell consumers when it should be placed in the
vertlcal position.
Horizontal position for grilling or combined microwave +
grill cooking
Only change the position of the heating element when it is cold and do
not apply excessive force when placing it in the vertical position.
To set the heating element
to the...
Horizontal position (grill or
combined microwave +
When cleaning the upper part inside the cavity, it will be
convenient to turn heater downward by 45° and clean it.

Choosing the Accessories

Use microwave-safe recipients; do not use plastic containers, dishes,
paper cups, towels, etc.
If you wish to select the combined cooking mode (grill and
microwave), use only dishes that are microwave-safe and
oven-proof. Metallic cookware or utensils may damage
your oven.
For further details on suitable cookware and utensils, refer to the
Cookware Guide on page 15.
◆ Pull the heating element
towards you
◆ Push it upwards until it is
parallel with the roof of the


The grill enables you to heat and brown food quickly, without using
microwaves. To this aim, a grill rack is supplied with your microwave
1. Preheat the grill to the required temperature, by pressing
the Grill(
the (
) and (
2. Press the
3. Open the door and place the food on the rack.
Close the door.
4. Press the
Result :
5. Set the Grilling time by pressing the (
The maximum grilling time is 60 minutes.
6. Press the
Result :
Do not worry if the heater turns off and on while grilling.
This system is designed to prevent overheating of the oven.
Always use oven gloves when touching the dishes in the oven, as
they will be very hot.
Check that the heating element is in the horizontal position.
) button and set the preheat time by pressing
) buttons.
The follwing indications are displayed:
) and (
Grilling cooking start. When it has finished
1) The oven beeps four times.
2) The end reminder signal will beep 3 times
(once every minute).
3) The current time is displayed again.



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