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Combining Microwave And The Grill; Switching The Beeper Off; Safety-Locking Your Microwave Oven - Samsung FG87KST Owner's Instructions And Cooking Manual

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Combining Microwave and the Grill

You can also combine microwave cooking with the grill, to cook
quickly and brown at the same time.
ALWAYS use microwave-safe and oven-proof cookware. Glass or
ceramic dishes are ideal as they allow the microwaves to penetrate
the food evenly.
ALWAYS use oven gloves when touching the recipients in the oven,
as they will be very hot.
1. Make sure that the heating element is in the horizontal
position; refer to page 13 for further details.
2. Open the oven door.
Place the food on the rack and the rack on the turntable.
Close the door.
3. Press the Combi (
Result :
4. Set the cooking time by pressing the (
buttons as required.
The maximum cooking time is 60 minutes.
5. Press the
Result :
The maximum microwave power for the combined microwave and grill
mode is 600W.
) button.
The following indications are displayed:
(microwave and grill mode)
600W (out power)
Select the appropriate power level by pressing the
Combi (
) button again until the
corresponding power level is displayed.
You cannot set the temperature of the grill.
) and (
Combination cooking starts. When it has
1) The oven beeps four times.
2) The end reminder signal will beep 3 times
(once every minute).
3) The current time is displayed again.

Switching the Beeper Off

You can switch the beeper off whenever you want.
1. Press the
2. To switch the beeper back on, press the

Safety-Locking Your Microwave Oven

Your microwave oven is fitted with a special Child Safety programme,
which enables the oven to be "locked" so that children or anyone
unfamiliar with it cannot operate it accidentally.
The oven can be locked at any time.
1. Press the
2. To unlock the oven, press the
buttons at the same time.
Result :
◆ The following indication is displayed.
◆ The oven does not beep each time you
press a button.
buttons again at the same time.
Result :
◆ The following indication is displayed.
◆ The oven operates with the beeper on
buttons at the same time.
Result :
◆ The oven is locked (no funtions can be
◆ The display shows "L".
the same time.
Result :
The oven can be used normally.
buttons again at



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