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Samsung FG87S Owner's Instructions & Cooking Manual

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FG87S / FG88S
Microwave Oven
the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
Owner's Instructions & Cooking Guide
Please be advised that the Samsung warranty does NOT cover service calls
to explain product operation, correct improper installation, or perform normal
cleaning or maintenance.
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  Summary of Contents for Samsung FG87S

  • Page 1 Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. Owner’s Instructions & Cooking Guide 800W Please be advised that the Samsung warranty does NOT cover service calls to explain product operation, correct improper installation, or perform normal cleaning or maintenance. FG87SUST_XEU_DE68-03132Y-01_EN.indd 1...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Safety instructions ................... 2 uSING tHIS INStructIoN bookLEt Quick look-up guide ................14 Oven .......................15 You have just purchased a SAMSUNG microwave oven. Your Owner’s Control panel ...................15 Instructions contain valuable information on cooking with your microwave Accessories .....................16 oven: Setting the time ..................16 • Safety precautions...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    ImportaNt SafEty INStructIoNS WarNING: This appliance can be rEad carEfuLLy aNd kEEp for used by children aged from 8 years futurE rEfErENcE. and above and persons with reduced Make sure that these safety precautions are physical, sensory or mental capabilities obeyed at all times.
  • Page 4 WarNING: Microwave heating of This appliance is not intended for use by beverages can result in delayed eruptive persons (including children) with reduced boiling, therefore care must be taken physical, sensory or mental capabilities, when handling the container. or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision WarNING: The contents of feeding or instruction concerning use of the...
  • Page 5 If the oven generates a strange noise, WarNING: Ensure that the appliance is a burning smell, or smoke is emitted, switched off before replacing the lamp to unplug the power plug immediately and avoid the possibility of electric shock. contact your nearest service center. WarNING: The appliance and its Appliance should allow to disconnection accessible parts become hot during use.
  • Page 6: Installing Your Microwave Oven

    INStaLLING your mIcroWavE ovEN The temperature of accessible surfaces may be high when the appliance is 1. Remove all packing materials operating. inside the oven. Install the roller The door or the outer surface may get ring and turntable. hot when the appliance is operating. Check that the turntable Keep the appliance and its cord out of rotates freely.
  • Page 7: Installation Instructions

    power cable supplied with the oven. Safety The appliance should only be connected by Wipe the interior and the door seal with a a qualified technician. damp cloth before using your microwave The microwave oven has been designed for oven for the first time. domestic use.
  • Page 8: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection The house mains to which the appliance is connected should comply with national and local regulations. If you wish to make a fixed connection, ensure that a multipolar switch with a minimum contact spacing of 3 mm is fitted in the supply line.
  • Page 9 1. Use the 3mm drill to make holes. Fix screws into BKT-Install. (Fig1) 2. Insert the microwave oven into the cabinet. (Fig2) 3. Use the template to place the BKT-Base 71mm away from “A” side of the cabinet. BKT-Install (Fig3) 4.
  • Page 10: Cleaning Your Microwave Oven

    cLEaNING your mIcroWavE ovEN 4. Wash the dishwasher-safe plate whenever necessary. The following parts of your microwave oven should be cleaned regularly to prevent do Not spill water in the vents. NEvEr grease and food particles from building up: use any abrasive products or chemical • Inside and outside surfaces solvents.Take particular care when cleaning the door seals to ensure that no...
  • Page 11: Storing And Repairing Your Microwave Oven

    Please contact nearest authorised A few simple precautions should be taken Samsung customer care, to arrange for a when storing or having your microwave oven qualified engineer to replace the bulb. serviced. The oven must not be used if the door or...
  • Page 12 Do not insert fingers or foreign substances, If any Keep children away from the door when opening or foreign substance such as water has entered the closing it as they may bump themselves on the door appliance, unplug the power plug and contact your or catch their fingers in the door.
  • Page 13 The microwave oven will automatically shut down for 30 minutes for safety purposes. We Samsung will charge a repair fee for replacing an accessory or repairing recommend placing a glass of water inside the oven a cosmetic defect if the damage to the unit and/or damage to or loss of at all times to absorb microwave energy in case the the accessory was caused by the customer.
  • Page 14: Quick Look-Up Guide

    • This microwave oven is supposed for heating food. It is intended for 2. Press the ( ) and ( ) buttons as required. domestic home-use only. Do not heat any type of textiles or cushions filled with grains, which could cause burns and fire.
  • Page 15: Oven

  • Page 16: Accessories

    accESSorIES SEttING tHE tImE Depending on the model that you have purchased, you are supplied with Your microwave oven has an inbuilt clock. When power is supplied, “:0”, several accessories that can be used in a variety of ways. “88:88” or “12:00” is automatically displayed on the display. Please set the current time.
  • Page 17: Cooking/Reheating

    cookING/rEHEatING poWEr LEvELS The following procedure explains how to cook or reheat food. You can choose among the power levels below. ALWAYS check your cooking settings before leaving the oven unattended. First, place the food in the centre of the turntable. Then, close the door. output power Level 1.
  • Page 18: Stopping The Cooking

    StoppING tHE cookING uSING tHE StEam cLEaNING You can stop cooking at any time to check the food. The steam provided by steam clean system will soak the cavity surface. After using steam clean function, you can easily clean the cavity of oven. 1.
  • Page 19: Using The Auto Reheat Feature

    uSING tHE auto rEHEat fEaturE auto rEHEat SEttINGS The Auto Reheat feature has four pre-programmed cooking time. The following table presents the various Auto Reheat Programmes, You do not need to set either the cooking times or the power level. quantities, standing times and appropriate recommendations. You can adjust the number of servings by pressing the ( ) and ( ) buttons. code/food portion Standing time...
  • Page 20: Using The Auto Crusty Cook Function

    uSING tHE auto cruSty cook fuNctIoN auto cruSty cook SEttINGS With the Auto Crusty Cook feature, the cooking time is set automatically. The following table presents the various Auto Programmes of the Crisp You can adjust the number of servings by pressing the ( ) and ( ) buttons. function, quantities, standing times and appropriate recommendations. First, place the crusty plate in the centre of the turntable and close the door. These Programmes are running with a combination of microwaves and grill.
  • Page 21: Using The Manual Crusty Cook Function

    uSING tHE maNuaL cruSty cook fuNctIoN maNuaL cruSty cook SEttINGS This crusty plate allows you to brown food not only on the top with the grill, We recommend to preheat the crusty plate directly on the turntable. but also the bottom of the food turns crispy and brown due to the high Preheat crusty plate with 600 W + Grill ( ) function for 3-5 minutes.
  • Page 22: Using The Auto Power Defrost Feature

    uSING tHE auto poWEr dEfroSt fEaturE food Serving size preheating time power cooking time (min.) The Auto Power Defrost feature enables you to defrost meat, poultry, fish frozen 9x30 g (270 g) 3 min. 300 W + Grill 9-10 and bread/cake. The defrost time and power level are set automatically. mini- recommendations You simply select the programme and the weight. pizza- Preheat crust plate.
  • Page 23: Auto Power Defrost Settings

    cHooSING tHE accESSorIES auto poWEr dEfroSt SEttINGS Use microwave-safe recipients; do not use plastic containers, dishes, paper The following table presents the various Auto Power Defrost programmes, cups, towels, etc. quantities, standing times and appropriate recommendations. Remove all kinds of package material before defrosting. Place meat, If you wish to select the combined cooking mode (grill poultry, fish and Bread Cake on a ceramic plate.
  • Page 24: Combining Microwaves And The Grill

    6. Press the button. 3. Set the cooking time by pressing the ( ) and ( ) buttons as required. The maximum cooking time is result : Grilling cooking start. When it has 60 minutes. finished 1) The oven beeps four times. 4.
  • Page 25: Safety-Locking Your Microwave Oven

    SafEty-LockING your mIcroWavE ovEN cookware microwave- comments safe Your microwave oven is fitted with a special Child Safety programme, which enables the oven to be “locked” so that children or anyone unfamiliar with it fast-food packaging cannot operate it accidentally. • Polystyrene cups Can be used to warm food. Overheating ✓ The oven can be locked at any time. containers may cause the polystyrene to melt.
  • Page 26: Cooking Guide

    Food suitable for microwave cooking: cookware microwave- comments Many kinds of food are suitable for microwave cooking, including fresh or safe frozen vegetables, fruit, pasta, rice, grains, beans, fish, and meat. Sauces, Wax or grease-proof Can be used to retain moisture and ✓ custard, soups, steamed puddings, preserves, and chutneys can also be paper prevent spattering.
  • Page 27 Cooking Guide for rice and pasta Cooking Guide for fresh vegetables Use a suitable glass pyrex bowl with lid. Add 30-45 ml cold water (2-3 rice : Use a large glass pyrex bowl with lid – rice doubles in tbsp.) for every 250 g unless another water quantity is recommended – see volume during cooking. Cook covered. After the cooking table. Cook covered for the minimum time – see table. Continue cooking to time is over, stir before standing time and salt or add herbs...
  • Page 28 REHEATING REHEATING LIQUIDS Your microwave oven will reheat food in a fraction of the time that Always allow a standing time of at least 20 seconds after the oven has been conventional ovens hobs normally take. switched off to allow the temperature to even out. Stir during heating, if necessary, and ALWAYS stir after heating.
  • Page 29 food portion power time (min.) Standing time (min.) food portion power time Standing time (min.) Plated 350 g 600 W 5½-6½ Baby milk 100 ml 300 W 30-40 sec. meal Instructions 200 ml 300 W 50 sec. to 1 min. (chilled) Plate a meal of 2-3 chilled components on a ceramic dish.
  • Page 30 GRILL All frozen food should be defrosted using defrosting power level (180 W). The grill-heating element is located underneath the ceiling of the cavity. It operates food portion time (min.) Standing time (min.) while the door is closed and the turntable is rotating. The turntable’s rotation makes Meat the food brown more evenly.
  • Page 31 Grill Guide for frozen food Grill Guide for fresh food Use the power levels and times in this table as guide lines for grilling. Preheat the grill with the grill-function for 3-4 minutes. Use the power levels and times in this table as guide lines for grilling. frozen portion power...
  • Page 32 TIP AND TRICKS fresh food portion power 1st side 2nd side time time (min.) (min.) MELTING BUTTER Pork Steaks 250 g (2 pcs) 300 W+ Grill Grill only 6-7 Put 50 g butter into a small deep glass dish. Cover with plastic lid. Heat for 30-40 seconds using 800 W, until butter is melted. Instructions MELTING CHOCOLATE Brush the pork steaks with oil and spices.
  • Page 33: Cooking Instructions On Food Packaging

    For example : If the heating instructions are 3 minutes on HIGH for a D category 800W oven, then you will need to set your timer for less than 3 minutes on HIGH for the FG87S / FG88S (E category). Always remember that cooking instructions are intended only as a IEC Power Output Rating, or the Reheating Categories A, B, C, D or E.
  • Page 34: What To Do If You Are In Doubt Or Have A Problem

    • A clear description of the problem The food is either overcooked or undercooked. Then contact your local dealer or SAMSUNG aftersales service. • Was the appropriate cooking length set for the type of food? • Was an appropriate power level chosen? The oven causes interference with radios or televisions.
  • Page 35: Technical Specifications

    SpEcIfIcatIoNS mEmo SAMSUNG strives to improve its products at all times. Both the design specifications and these user instructions are thus subject to change without notice. model fG87S / fG88S Power source 230V ~ 50 Hz Power consumption Microwave...
  • Page 36 (*0,20 €/Anruf aus dem dt. Festnetz, aus dem Mobilfunk max. 0,60 €/Anruf) ITALIA 800-SAMSUNG (800.7267864) CYPRUS 8009 4000 only from landline, toll free 80111-SAMSUNG (80111 726 7864) only from land line GREECE (+30) 210 6897691 from mobile and land line LUXEMBURG 261 03 710 NETHERLANDS 0900-SAMSUNG (0900-7267864) (€...

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