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Samsung FW213 Installation And Operating Instruction

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Microwave oven

Installation and Operating
This manual is made with 100% recycled paper.
The data concerning cooking and baking are
informative. The product is for household use.
Guarantee commitments are ceased if the appliance
is used on purposes other than household e.g. on
industry, catering trade or trade activities.
the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
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  Summary of Contents for Samsung FW213

  • Page 1: Microwave Oven

    Installation and Operating Instruction This manual is made with 100% recycled paper. imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at The data concerning cooking and baking are informative.
  • Page 2 Do NOT touch. Thank you for purchasing a SAMSUNG Follow directions explicitly. speed cook oven. Your Owner’s Manual contains important safety Unplug the power plug from the wall socket. instructions and essential information on using and caring for your new speed cook oven. Before using your...
  • Page 3 CAUTION SIGNS FOR SEVERE WARNING SIGNS FOR INSTALLATION USING CAUTION WARNING This appliance should be positioned in such a way In the event of a gas leak (such as propane gas, LP that it is accessible to the power plug. gas, etc.), ventilate immediately without touching the power plug.
  • Page 4 WARNING : When the appliance is operated in the the heater when cooking food with the oven. combination mode, children should only use the oven - This may result in fire. under adult supervision due to the temperatures Do not over-heat food. generated.
  • Page 5 - Since a high voltage current enters the product immediately after cooking. chassis, it may result in electric shock or fire. - Use cooking gloves because it may be very - You may be exposed to electromagnetic waves. hot and you could burn yourself. - When repairing the appliance is required, contact - If you pull the ceramic dish or well-being multi- your nearest service centre.
  • Page 6: Precautions To Avoid Possible Exposure To

    - Take care that children do not come close to Take care not to hurt yourself when cleaning the the appliance. appliance (external/internal). - Failure to do so may result in burns from the - You may hurt yourself on the sharp heat.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    contents INSTALLING YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN OVEN FEATURES 11 Microwave oven features 12 Control panel 13 Accessories BEFORE YOU BEGIN 14 Setting the clock OVEN USE 15 Quick guide 15 Default settings 16 Setting the cook time 17 Cooking time reservation function 18 Using the auto menu mode 21 Using the power defrost menu mode 23 How a microwave oven works 24 Using microwave mode 38 Switching off the beeper 38 Child safety lock CLEANING AND CARE 39 Using the steam clean feature 41 Cleaning your microwave oven...
  • Page 8 installing your microwave oven General Technical Information Electrical Supply: 230 V - AC, 50 Hz Power consumption: 1500 W Dimensions (w x h x d): 596 x 460 x 460 mm This appliance complies with EU regulations Disposal of Packaging and Appliance Packaging is recyclable.
  • Page 9 Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 4 Fig. 3 Fig. 3.1 Fig. 3.2 Fig. 5 Fig. 3.3 Fig. 3.4 Fig. 3.5 installing your microwave oven _9...
  • Page 10: Fig.

    Fig. 1 Slide the combi steam oven partly into the cabinet. Lead the connection cable to the power source. Fig. 2 Slide the combi steam oven completely into the cabinet. Fig. 3 Heigt adjustment of the combi steam oven in combination with other appliances! The top-side of the combi steam oven must be equal to the other appliances.
  • Page 11: Microwave Oven Features

    oven features MICROWAVE OVEN FEATURES Control panel Water bowl holder Light Turntable Coupler Roller ring Safety door lock Door Door handle Drip Tray oven features _11...
  • Page 12: Control Panel

  • Page 13: Accessories

    ACCESSORIES The following accessories are provided with your microwave oven: 1. Coupler, to be placed correctly over the motor shaft in the base of the oven. (The coupler rotates the turntable.) 2. Roller ring, to be placed in the center of the oven.
  • Page 14: Setting The Clock

    before you begin SETTING THE CLOCK When connecting the power for the first time, please use the product after setting the time. When power is supplied, “:0”, “88:88” or “12:00” is automatically displayed on the display. Please set the current time. Setting the clock (example 15:15) 1. Press the STOP/CANCLE button to the “OFF”...
  • Page 15: Quick Guide

    oven use QUICK GUIDE If you want to cook/reheat food quickly, you can put the food into the microwave oven and immediately start the process by pressing only one button. You do not have to choose a power level and you don’t have to set the cooking time. 1. Press the START button once.
  • Page 16: Setting The Cook Time

    SETTING THE COOK TIME 1. Press the COOKING FUNTION SELECT button to select the desired microwave power level. See page 26 for a guide to the power levels. 2. Press the COOKING TIME button. 3. Press the CONTROL button to set desired COOKING TIME. • Press the COOKING TIME button to end the setting of the cook time.
  • Page 17: Cooking Time Reservation Function

    COOKING TIME RESERVATION FUNCTION Example : the current time is 12:00, the cooking time is 5 minutes and you wish to start cooking at 16:00. 1. Press the COOKING FUNTION SELECT button to select the desired microwave power level. 2. Press the COOKING TIME button to set the desired cooking time.
  • Page 18: Using The Auto Menu Mode

    USING THE AUTO MENU MODE Auto Menu Mode allows you to choose from ten pre-programmed settings to conveniently cook, roast or bake your favorite foods. Cooking time and power level are automatically set. Simply select one of the ten settings and set the weight to start cooking.
  • Page 19 Guide to Auto Menu Settings The following table presents 10 Auto Programmes for Reheat & Cook. Programmes r-1 to r-6 are for Reheating. Programmes c-1 to c-4 are for cooking. It contains its quantities, standing times after cooking and appropriate recommendations.
  • Page 20 Code Food Serving Standing Recommendations size (kg) time (min.) Popcorn 0.1-0.15 Use special popcorn product for preparing in microwave oven. Follow the instructions of food manufacturer and put the bag in the centre of turntable. During this programme corn will pop and the bag will increase in volume.
  • Page 21: Using The Power Defrost Menu Mode

    USING THE POWER DEFROST MENU MODE Setting the power defrost mode Choose from five pre - programmed microwave settings for defrosting. Defrosting time and power level are automatically set. Simply select the setting and weight to start defrosting. Open the door. Place the frozen food in the centre of the Glass tray. Close the door.
  • Page 22 Guide to the auto power defrost menu settings The following table presents 5 power defrost programmes, quantities, standing times and appropriate recommendations. Remove all kind of package material before defrosting. Place frozen meat, poultry, fish and fruit on a flat glass dish or ceramic plate on turntable.
  • Page 23: How A Microwave Oven Works

    HOW A MICROWAVE OVEN WORKS A microwave oven is a cooking appliance that uses microwaves to heat food. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves, just like radio and television waves. A radio converts these waves into sound, whereas a microwave oven converts them into heat. The heat arises because the microwaves cause water and fat molecules, that are always present in food, to move quickly.
  • Page 24: Using Microwave Mode

    USING MICROWAVE MODE Microwaves are high frequency electromagnetic waves. In microwave cooking, microwave energy penetrates food, attracted and absorbed by its water, fat and sugar content. The microwaves cause the molecules in the food to move rapidly. The rapid movement of these molecules creates friction and the resulting heat cooks the food. Setting microwave mode 1. Press COOKING FUNTION SELECT button to desired microwave power level.
  • Page 25: Adjusting The Cooking Time

    Adjusting the cooking time Like traditional cooking, you may find that, depending on the food’s characteristics or your tastes, you have to adjust the cooking times slightly. You can: • Check how cooking is progressing at any time simply by opening the door • Increase or decrease the remaining cooking time 1. To increase the cooking time of your food, press the START button once for each 30...
  • Page 26: Microwave Cookware Guide

    Microwave cookware guide Cookware used for Microwave Mode must allow microwaves to pass through and penetrate food. Metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and copper reflect microwaves. Therefore, do not use cookware made of metallic materials. Cookware marked microwave - safe is always safe for use. For additional information on appropriate cookware refer to the following guide and always use the ceramic tray on shelf Level 1 when using microwave mode.
  • Page 27 Cookware Microwave- Comments safe • Recycled paper May cause arcing.  Plastic • Containers Particularly if heat-resistant thermoplastic.  Some other plastics may warp or discolour at high temperatures. Do not use Melamine plastic. • Cling film Can be used to retain moisture. Should not ...
  • Page 28: Microwave Cooking Guide

    Microwave cooking guide Microwaves Microwave energy actually penetrates food, attracted and absorbed by its water, fat and sugar content. The microwaves cause the molecules in the food to move rapidly. The rapid movement of these molecules creates friction and the resulting heat cooks the food.
  • Page 29 Cooking guide for frozen vegetables Use a suitable glass pyrex bowl with lid and put on turntable. Cook covered for the minimum time – see table. Continue cooking to get the result you prefer. Stir twice during cooking and once after cooking. Add salt, herbs or butter after cooking.
  • Page 30 All fresh vegetables should be cooked using full microwave power (900 W). Food Portion Time Standing Instructions (min.) time (min.) Broccoli Prepare even sized florets. 6½-7½ Arrange the stems to the centre. Brussels Add 60-75 ml (5-6 tbsp) water. sprouts Carrots Cut carrots into even sized slices.
  • Page 31 Cooking guide for rice and pasta Rice Use a large glass pyrex bowl with lid – rice doubles in volume during cooking. Place on turntable. Cook covered. After the cooking time is over, stir before standing time and salt or add herbs and butter. Remark: the rice may not have absorbed all water after the cooking time is finished Pasta...
  • Page 32 Reheating Your microwave oven will reheat food in a fraction of the time that conventional ovens hobs normally take. Use the power levels and reheating times in the following chart as a guide. The times in the chart consider liquids with a room temperature of about +18 to +20 °C or a chilled food with a temperature of about +5 to +7 °C.
  • Page 33 Reheating liquids and food Use the power levels and times in this table as a guide lines for reheating. All frozen food should be defrosted using defrosting power level (180 W). Use the ceramic tray, shelf level 1. Food Portion Power Time Standing...
  • Page 34 Reheating baby food and milk Use the power levels and times in this table as guide lines for reheating. Food Portion Power Time Standing Instructions time (min.) Baby food 190 g 30 sec. Empty into ceramic deep (vegetables + plate. Cook covered. Stir meat) after cooking time.
  • Page 35 Defrosting • Microwaves are an excellent way of defrosting frozen food. Microwaves gently defrost frozen food in a short period of time. This can be of great advantage, if unexpected guests suddenly show up. • Frozen poultry must be thoroughly thawed before cooking. Remove any metal ties and take it out of any wrapping to allow thawed liquid to drain away.
  • Page 36 For defrosting frozen food with a temperature of about -18 to -20 °C, use the following table as a guide. All frozen food should be defrosted using defrosting power level (180 W). Food Portion Time Standing Instructions (min.) time (min.) Meat Minced beef 250 g 15-30...
  • Page 37 Quick & Easy Melting butter Put 50 g butter into a small deep glass dish. Cover with plastic lid. Heat for 30-40 seconds using 900 W, until butter is melted. Melting chocolate Put 100 g chocolate into a small deep glass dish. Heat for 3-5 minutes, using 450 W until chocolate is melted.
  • Page 38: Switching Off The Beeper

    SWITCHING OFF THE BEEPER The oven beeps at the end of cooking and “End” blinks 4 times on the display. 1. To switch the beeper off, press START button and STOP button at the same time and hold for one second. The display shows ‘OFF’. 2.
  • Page 39: Using The Steam Clean Feature

    cleaning and care USING THE STEAM CLEAN FEATURE The steam provided by the aqua clean system will soak the cavity surface. After using the aqua clean function, you can easily clean the cavity of the microwave oven. Important : • Use this feature only when the microwave oven has cooled down completely to room temperature.
  • Page 40 5. Press the STEAM CLEAN button and Press the START button It can be seen Misty during steam cleaning. but it is not a defect but steam shields the light inside. 6. Open the door. 7. Please clean cavity of oven with dried dishtowel.
  • Page 41: Cleaning Your Microwave Oven

    STORING AND REPAIRING YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN Repairs should only be made by a qualified service technician. If oven requires servicing, unplug the oven and contact SAMSUNG Customer Service. When calling, please have the following information ready: • The model number and serial number (can be found inside the oven door) • Warranty details...
  • Page 42 troubleshooting f you have problems with your oven, try the solutions suggested below. They may save you the time and inconvenience of an unnecessary service call. Food remains uncooked. • Ensure timer has been set correctly and START button pressed. • Firmly close door.
  • Page 43 Model FW213 Power source 230 V ~ 50 Hz Power consumption 1500 W Output power 100 W / 900 W (IEC-705) Operating frequency 2450 MHz Magnetron OM75P (20) Cooling method Cooling fan motor Dimensions Outside 596 x 460 x 460 mm (W x H x D) Oven cavity net.
  • Page 44 023 207 777 MACEDONIA MONTENEGRO 020 405 888 0 801 1SAMSUNG(172678) POLAND 022-607-93-33 08010 SAMSUNG (08010 726 7864) only from landline, local network Romtelecom RUMANIA - local tariff / 021 206 01 10 for landline and mobile, normal tariff SERBIA...