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Setting The Time; What To Do If You Are In Doubt Or Have A Problem - Samsung FG87KST Owner's Instructions And Cooking Manual

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Setting the Time

Your microwave oven has an inbuilt clock. The time can be displayed
in either the 24-hour or 12-hour notation. You must set the clock:
When you first install your microwave oven
After a power failure
Do not forget to reset the clock when you switch to and from summer
and winter time.
1. To display the time
in the...
24-hour notation
12-hour notation
2. Press the (
3. Press the
4. Press the (
5. Press the
Then press the
) and (
) buttons to set hour.
) and (
) buttons to set minute
What to Do if You are in Doubt or Have a
If you have any of the problems listed below try the solutions given.
◆ This is normal.
Condensation inside the oven
Air flow around the door and outer casing
Light reflection around the door and outer casing
Steam escaping from around the door or vents
◆ The oven does not start when you press the
Is the door completely closed?
◆ The food is not cooked at all
Have you set the timer correctly and/or pressed the
Is the door closed?
Have you overloaded the electric circuit and caused a fuse to blow or a
breaker to be triggered?
◆ The food is either overcooked or undercooked
Was the appropriate cooking length set for the type of food?
Was an appropriate power level chosen?
◆ Sparking and cracking occur inside the oven (arcing)
Have you used a dish with metal trimmings?
Have you left a fork or other metal utensil inside the oven?
Is aluminium foil too close to the inside walls?
◆ The oven causes interference with radios or televisions
Slight interference may be observed on televisions or radios when the
oven is operating. This is normal.To solve this problem, install the oven
away from televisions, radios and aerials.
If interference is detected by the oven's microprocessor, the display may
be reset.To solve this problem, disconnect the power plug and reconnect
it. Reset the time.
If the above guidelines do not enable you to solve the problem, contact
your local dealer or SAMSUNG after-sales service.



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