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Stopping The Cooking; Adjusting The Cooking Time; Using The Steam Cleaning - Samsung FG87KST Owner's Instructions And Cooking Manual

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Stopping the Cooking

You can stop cooking at any time to check the food.
1. To stop temporarily;
Open the door.
Result :
2. To stop completely;
Press the
Result :
You can also cancel any setting before starting by simply pressing
Cancel (

Adjusting the Cooking Time

You can increase the cooking time by pressing the +30s button once
for each 30 seconds to be added.
Press the +30s button once for each 30 seconds to be added.
Cooking stops. To resume cooking, close the
door and press
The cooking stops. If you wish to cancel the
cooking settings, press the Cancel (
button again.

Using the Steam Cleaning

The steam provided by steam clean system will soak the cavity surface.
After using steam clean function, you can easily clean the cavity of
use this function only after the oven has completely cooled. (Room
Use normal water only,and no distilled water.
1. Open the Door.
2. Fill with water following guide line(water level) outside the
3. Insert water bowl into upper water bowl holder on the right
4. Close the door.
5. Press the Steam clean (
6. Open the Door.
7. Please clean cavity of oven with dried dishtowel.
Water Bowl only can be use during "Steam Clean" mode.
When cooking non-liquid items, remove water bowl because It will
damage and cause fire to the microwave oven.
water bowl.
OThe line is about 50ml.)
wall of cooking chamber.
) button.
It can be seen MISTY during steam cleaning.
but it is not a defect BUT STEAM SHIELDS THE light
Remove the turntable and only under rack with kitchen



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