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Chapter 1 Installation; Electrical Connection; Field Wiring; Breaker - Honeywell Enraf Operation Manual

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Part No.: 44200004 - Revision 2

1.1 Electrical Connection

The Honeywell Enraf small volume prover is certified by one of the
following agencies:
CSA/US certified for Class 1 Group D T2C
CSA/US certified for Class 1 Group C T3B
ATEX certified for II 2 (1) G Ex d [ia Ga] IIB T4 Gb
IECEx compliant for Ex db [ia Ga] IIB T4 (See Individual Certificates)
Be certain to conform to all applicable national and local electrical codes
when making electrical connections to the Honeywell Enraf small volume
prover to maintain electrical safety ratings.
Refer to Section 6 of this manual for connection to several brands of flow
computers. The proving computer used for the operation of the provers
must be equipped with the double chronometry function. For brands not
detailed, consult Honeywell Enraf and the flow computer manufacturer.
If equipped with CONDAT
operators' manual for instructions for installation and operation.
The Honeywell Enraf small volume prover must be correctly earth
grounded prior to electrical service connection.

1.1.1 Field wiring

The installation of this device must be carried out in accordance with all
appropriate international, national and local standards and site regulations
for intrinsically safe apparatus

1.1.2 Breaker

A readily accessible disconnecting/breaker device shall be incorporated
external to the equipment.

1.1.3 Enclosures

The picture below shows the three electrical enclosures mounted on the
Small Volume Prover. The connections to the SVP Controller Box are made
at the factory and must not be modified. All of your connections are to be
made in the Power Box and the Customer Connection Box.
or Prove-It prover control systems, refer to the
SVP Controller Operation Manual