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Select The Temperature; Select The Spin Speed Or The Rinse Hold Option; Select The Desired Options; Select The Delay Time - Zanussi WD 1250 W Instruction Booklet

Zanussi owners manual front-load washer wd 1250 w
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6. Select the temperature

Press the TEMPERATURE button if you wish to select
a temperature value different from the one proposed by
the machine.
The relevant light will light up.
7. Select the spin speed or the
Press the SPIN SPEED button repeatedly, in order to
select the desired spin speed or the RINSE HOLD
option. The relevant light will light up.
If you select the RINSE HOLD option, the machine will
stop at the end of the programme with the water still in
the tub.

8. Select the desired options

If your laundry is very dirty, it may be advisable to
select the PREWASH option.
If you wish the laundry to undergo an extra rinse , select
the SUPER RINSE option.
If your laundry is only slightly soiled, select the EXTRA
QUICK option.
The relevant light illuminates.
9. Select the DELAY START
Before you start the programme, if you wish the
starting to be delayed, press the DELAY START button
repeatedly, or keep it pressed, to select the desired delay.
The selected delay time value (up to 24 hours) will
appear on the display for 3 seconds, then the duration of
the programme will appear again.

10. Start the programme

Press the START/PAUSE button. The relevant light will
stop flashing, the DOOR LOCKED light will light up,
and only the light relevant to the phase that is in
progress will remain lit.
If you have chosen a delayed start, the washing machine
will begin the countdown.
The display will show the duration of the programme or
the selected delay.


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