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Drying 2.5 Kg Of Cotton; Autodrying 2 Kg Of Synthetics - Zanussi WD 1250 W Instruction Booklet

Zanussi owners manual front-load washer wd 1250 w
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You have for example just machine-washed and spun at
1200 rpm 5 kg (11 lb) of laundry.
They are cotton fabrics of medium weight which you
want to iron as soon as they are dry.
Press the SKIP/RESET button repeatedly to erase the
programme that has just been carried out,
will show in the display and switch the
machine off by depressing ON/OFF button.
Then remove the laundry from the appliance and divide
the items to obtain two loads of approx. 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)
The water tap must be open and the drain hose must be
positioned in the sink or connected to the drain pipe.
1. Load the laundry.
2. Depress the ON/OFF button to switch the machine
will show in the display.
3. If you wish to carry out the electronic drying,
depress AUTO DRY button until the light IRON
DRY illuminates.
If you want a timed drying, depress the DRYING
TIME button until the light COTTONS lights up, then
depress the same button until the time you want appears
on the display.
4. Press the START/PAUSE button to start the
5. At the end of the programme press SKIP/RESET
button to clear the memory and switch the machine
off by depressing ON/OFF button.
6. Remove the laundry.
The programme time will automatically increase by up
to 1 minute, this is quite normal.


You intend to wash and dry automatically 2 kg (4.4 lb)
of synthetics which do not need ironing.
Do not use a dosing device/ball when carrying out a
washing & drying programme.
1. Load the laundry.
2. Add detergent and fabric softener.
3. Switch the machine on by depressing the ON/OFF
4. Select the wash programme/fabric and temperature.
5. Select the drying time or degree of drying.
6. Select the required options by means of the relevant
buttons. If possible, do not select a spin speed lower
than that proposed by the appliance to avoid a too
long drying time so saving energy.
In any case the reduction of the spin speed is only
possible after selecting drying. The lowest values
you can select are the following:
- 900 r.p.m. for cottons & synthetics with electronic
- 900 r.p.m. for cottons and 700 r.p.m. for synthetics
with timed drying
7. Start the programme by depressing the
8. At the end of the programme press the
SKIP/RESET button to clear the memory and press
the ON/OFF button again to switch the machine off.
9. Remove the laundry.


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