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Zanussi WD 1250 W Instruction Booklet page 8

Zanussi owners manual front-load washer wd 1250 w
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• Duration of washing programme in hours
and minutes, after you have selected a programme.
While the programme is running (after you have
pressed the START/PAUSE button), the displayed
time value decreases by one unit every minute.
• Selected drying time in minutes or hours and
After the programme has started the time remaining is
updated every minute.
• The washing machine has stopped with water in
the tub, at the end of a programme with the RINSE
HOLD option: this is indicated by a static zero.
• The washing machine has completed the
programme: this is indicated by a blinking zero. At
the same time, the door locked light goes out. The
zero will reappear when you switch the washing
machine on, unless the previous programme has been
erased by means of the SKIP RESET button.
The first time you use the machine, when you switch
it on, it may display a blinking zero and give an audible
warning signal. This is due to the fact that the machine
has performed a washing cycle during the
manufacturer's inspection tests, and this cycle has not
been erased after its completion.
• Delay start, a time value indicated in hours and
selected by means of the relevant button.
The delay time is displayed for 3 seconds, then the
duration of the selected programme reappears.
After you have pressed the START/PAUSE button, the
countdown begins, and the delay time value decreases
by one unit every hour.
You can delay the start of the selected programme by
up to 24 hours in one hour intervals.
• An incorrect option selection has been made: this is
indicated by the message Err when a function
incompatible with the current programme is selected.
The incorrect selection is also indicated by an audible
warning signal.
• An alarm code indicates a fault in the machine
operation (see the relevant chapter on page 22-23).


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