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How To Change A Programme During Its Cycle; How To Cancel A Programme During Its Cycle; How To Open The Door During The Cycle Of A Programme; End Of Programme - Zanussi WD 1250 W Instruction Booklet

Zanussi owners manual front-load washer wd 1250 w
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11. How to change a programme
during its cycle
Before you make any change, you must pause the
machine by pressing the START/PAUSE button.
It is possible to change any phase before the programme
carries it out.
Changing the type of fabric or temperature is possible,
obviously, only during the washing phase. When you
make a change in these two parameters, the machine
will resume the cycle from the beginning.
If it is necessary to drain the water in order to change the
programme in progress, proceed as follows:
• PAUSE the machine by pressing the START/PAUSE
• press the SKIP/RESET button repeatedly, until only
the DRAIN light
remains lit;
• press the START/PAUSE button again.
When the water has been drained, the display shows a
blinking zero. You may now select a new programme
and press the START/PAUSE button to start it.
12. How to cancel a programme
during its cycle
To cancel a programme that is being carried out, first
pause the machine by pressing the START/PAUSE
button, then press the SKIP/RESET button repeatedly,
until the display shows three blinking dashes.
13. How to open the door during
the cycle of a programme
You can open the door, after having set the machine to
PAUSE, provided the following conditions exist:
• the washing machine is not in the heating phase
beyond 55°C;
• the level of the water is not high;
• the drum is not turning.
If these requirements are met, when you pause the
machine, the DOOR LOCKED light goes out and the
door can be opened.
Should it not be possible to open the door, and should it
be absolutely necessary to do so, switch the machine off
by pressing the ON/OFF button.
After approximately 3 minutes, you can open the door.
Pay attention to the level and temperature of the
water in the machine!
When you close the door and press the ON/OFF button
again, the machine will resume the programme from the
point where it had been interrupted.

14. End of programme

At the end of the programme, the machine stops
automatically, gives an audible signal, and displays a
blinking zero.
If you had selected the RINSE HOLD option, the
START/PAUSE button light flashes to indicate that the
water must be drained. The display shows a steadily lit
When the programme has been completed, a blinking
zero appears on the display and the audible signal is
The DOOR LOCKED light goes out at once.
Press the SKIP/RESET button repeatedly to erase
the programme that has just been carried out. If you
omit to do this, the next time you switch the machine
on, the blinking zero will appear on the display and
you will hear the audible signal.
Note: when you switch the machine on, if you must
erase the previously performed programme, it is also
sufficient to press the FABRICS button and select a new
Press the ON/OFF button to switch the machine off. The
relevant light will go out.
Remove the laundry from the machine.
Check whether the drum is completely empty, by
rotating it with your hand. The purpose of this is to
prevent any items of laundry from remaining
accidentally in the drum, where they might get damaged
in a subsequent wash (e.g. by shrinking) or bleed colour
into another load of laundry.
We advise you to close the water supply tap and
disconnect the plug from the socket.
Leave the door ajar in order to air the machine.


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