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Levelling; Special Conditions; In The Interest Of The Environment - Zanussi WD 1250 W Instruction Booklet

Zanussi owners manual front-load washer wd 1250 w
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If you intend the drain hose to empty into a sink, make
sure that the sink is empty and the plug hole is not
blocked. Use the plastic "U-Piece" supplied.
Before connecting up the machine to new pipework or
to pipework that has not been used for some time, run
off a reasonable amount of water to flush out any debris
that may have collected in the pipes.


Level the washing machine by raising or lowering the
feet. The feet may be tight to adjust as they incorporate
a self locking nut, but the machine MUST be level and
stable (check diagonally).
Any necessary adjustment can be made with a spanner.
Accurate levelling prevents vibration, noise and
displacement of the machine during operation.
Some vibration is inevitable, especially if mounted on a
wooden floor.
Sprung wooden floors are particularly susceptible to
vibration. For advice, consult a builder. If possible,
always place the machine on a solid floor.

Special conditions

If the floor is carpeted or covered with crumbly or soft
material, insert a rigid support base under the feet to
prevent noise, vibration or displacement. The base
should protrude a few centimetres beyond the edges of
the machine.
The machine should NOT be placed on deep pile
Please ensure that when the appliance is installed it is
easily accessible for the engineer in the event of a
In the interest of the
Washing machines and dishwashers should be
connected to the FOUL drainage system, the water will
then be taken to a sewage works for treatment before
being discharged safely into a river.
It is essential that these appliances are not connected to
the surface water drainage system as this water is
discharged directly into a river or stream and may cause
If you require any further advice please contact your
local water authority.


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