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The Control Panel - Zanussi WD 1250 W Instruction Booklet

Zanussi owners manual front-load washer wd 1250 w
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The Control Panel

1 ON/OFF button
Press this button to switch the machine on. The display
(9) will show three blinking dashes or a blinking zero.
You will find more detailed explanations on page 7 e 8
(see "DISPLAY").
Press the ON/OFF button again to switch the machine
2 MAINS-ON light
This light is connected to the ON/OFF button. It lights
up when you press the button, and goes out when you
press it again.
3 FABRICS button
Press this button repeatedly to select the programme on
the basis of the type of laundry to be washed. The light
relevant to the selected programme will light up. The
machine will propose a temperature and automatically
select the maximum spin value provided for the
programme you have chosen. You can change these
values by operating buttons 4 and 5.
Hand wash
When you select this programme, you obtain a
particularly delicate washing, suitable for articles of
clothing whose label indicates that they must be hand-
Press this button repeatedly to increase or decrease the
temperature, if you want your laundry to be washed at a
temperature different from the one proposed by the
machine. The relevant light will light up.
Maximum temperatures are 90°C for cotton, 60°C for
synthetic fabrics, 40°C for delicate fabrics, wool and
fabrics to be hand-washed (HAND WASH programme).
By pressing the TEMPERATURE and SPIN SPEED
buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds, the acoustic
signal is deactivated at the end of the cycle, when
selecting the programmes and in case of an incorrect
option selection.
By pressing these 2 buttons again the acoustic signal is
5 SPIN SPEED button
Press this button repeatedly to change the spin speed, if
you want your laundry to be spun at a speed different
from the one proposed by the machine. The relevant
light will light up.
Maximum speeds are:
• for cotton: 1,200 rpm;
• for synthetic fabrics, wool, and fabrics to be hand-
washed: 900 rpm;
• for delicate fabrics: 700 rpm.
RINSE HOLD position : when you choose this
option, the machine will not drain the water of the last
rinse, so as not to wrinkle the laundry.
At the end of the cycle, the START/PAUSE button light
will flash, to indicate that the water must be drained and
a static zero will appear on the display.
To complete the cycle, choose one of the following
• Draining and spin:
- Press the START/PAUSE button. The machine
will drain the water, then spin the laundry at the
maximum speed provided for the selected
- Select spin speed by means of button 5, and press
the START/PAUSE button.


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