Specifi Cations - AEG EZ 5501 User Manual

Electrical toothbrush
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As soon as the pressure on the brush head lets up, the
toothbrush shuts off .
• Carefully move the brush head from tooth to tooth.
• Start with the outer sides, then go to the inner
surfaces, and fi nally brush the chewing surfaces.
Upon fi rst use, you may experience minor bleeding
of the gums.
However, you must visit a dentist if the condition
lasts longer than 2 weeks.
Replace the brush head after approximately
2 months.
Continuous operation
• Hold the ON/OFF switch down for about 2 seconds,
to turn on continuous operation.
Brushing time
The recommended brushing time is 2 minutes.
• After this period, the TIMER will turn the device off .
Standby mode
• The toothbrush is ready for use as long as the orange
indicator light is on.
• Use the ON/OFF switch to turn the device off
• The indicator light goes off .
The toothbrush turns itself off automatically after not
using for about 15 seconds.
Never use sharp or abrasive cleaning agents.
• Remove the brush attachment from the handle.
• Clean the handle with a damp cloth and the bristles
under running water.

Specifi cations

Power supply:
Power consumption:
Charging cradle:
Net weight:
This device complies with all relevant CE directives and
is built according to the latest safety regulations.
Subject to technical modifi cation.
EZ 5501
230 V, 50Hz
1 Watt
IPX 7, Protection class II
0.22 kg
2.4 V DC, NI MH
Battery disposal
Your product contains a nickel-metal hydride
Once your device has reached the end of its
life, follow these instructions:
Batteries must not be discarded with ordinary
household waste!
As a consumer you are legally obligated to return
used batteries.
• The battery must be removed from the device. If
necessary, consult our service facility.
• Place the toothbrush into the charging cradle and
then turn the handle clockwise. The bottom cover
will release.
• You can then pull the battery out of the housing. Use
pliers, if necessary.
• You can dispose of your old batteries free of charge
where they were purchased.
• Contact your local authorities for information on
public collection centres.
Environmental protection
When the device has reached the end of its
life, do not dispose of it with ordinary
household waste. Take it to an offi cial
collection center for recycling. This helps
save the environment.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents