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Yamaha DSP-A595 Owner's Manual

Natural sound av amplifier
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Natural Sound AV Amplifier
Amplificateur audiovisuel
3/27/99, 1:32 PM



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  • Page 2: Supplied Accessories

    • Batterie (dimensioni AA, R6, UM-3) • Pilas (tamaño AA, R6, UM-3) • Batterijen (maat AA, R6, UM-3) DSP-A595-1 • After unpacking, check that the following parts are included. • Après le déballage, vérifier que les pièces suivantes sont incluses.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Dolby Digital Decoder Dolby Pro Logic Surround Decoder CINEMA DSP: Theater-like Sound Experience by the Combination of Dolby Surround and YAMAHA DSP Technology 6-Channel External Decoder Input for DTS and other future formats SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES ... 2 FEATURES ... 3 CAUTION ...
  • Page 4: Caution

    Using this unit with a higher voltage than speci- fied is dangerous and may result in fire or other accidents. YAMAHA will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of this unit with a voltage other than specified.
  • Page 5: Features On Sound Effect

    Extensive research into the exact nature of the sonic reflections that create the ambience of a large hall has made it possible for YAMAHA engineers to bring you this same sound in your listening room, so you’ll feel all the sound of a live concert.
  • Page 6 SPEAKERS terminals or SUBWOOFER terminal to maximize system performance. YAMAHA DSP technology made it possible to present you with nearly the same sound experience as that of a large movie theater in your listening room by compensating for lack of presence and dynamics in your listening room with its original digital sound fields combined with Dolby Surround sound field.
  • Page 7: Controls And Their Functions

    “EXT. DECDR” appears on the display and you can play the signal connected to the EXTERNAL DECODER INPUT terminals. DSP-A595-1 INPUT Turn this selector to select the program source (VCR, VIDEO AUX, TV/DBS, DVD/LD, CD, TUNER, PHONO) to listen to or watch.
  • Page 8 “0” position produces flat response. TREBLE Used to increase or decrease the high frequency response. The “0” position produces flat response. DSP-A595-1 BALANCE This control is effective only for the sound from the main speakers. Adjusts the balance of the output volume to the left and right speakers to compensate for sound imbalance caused by speaker location or listening room conditions.
  • Page 9: Display Panel

    Lights up when the tape deck (or MD recorder etc.) is selected as the input source by pressing TAPE/MD MON / EXT. DECODER on the front panel or TAPE/MD on the remote control transmitter. DSP-A595-1 indicators “ ” lights up when the built-in Dolby Digital decoder is on and the signals of selected source encoded with the Dolby Digital is not in 2-channel.
  • Page 10: Speaker Setup

    LFE (low frequency effect) sound with high fidelity when playing back a source with the Dolby Digital decoded. You may wish to choose the convenience of a YAMAHA Active Servo Processing Subwoofer System, which has its own built-in power amplifier. 4-Speaker Configuration The center speaker is not used in this configuration.
  • Page 11: Speaker Placement

    SPEAKER PLACEMENT When you place the speakers, refer to the following diagram: Center speaker Main speaker Subwoofer DSP-A595-2 Main: The position of your present stereo speaker system. Rear: Behind your listening position, facing slightly inward. Nearly 1.8 m (approx. 6 feet) up from the floor.
  • Page 12: Connections

    (left) to L, R (right) to R, “+” to “+” and “–” to “–”. Also, refer to the owner’s manual for each component to be connected to this unit. * If you have YAMAHA components numbered as !, @, #, $, etc. on the rear panel, connections can be made easily by making sure to connect the output (or input) terminals of each component to the same-numbered terminals of this unit.
  • Page 13 When using the DTS or other decoder with 6-channel discrete outputs, connect the 6CH DISCRETE OUTPUT terminals of the decoder to the EXTERNAL DECODER INPUT terminals of this unit. DSP-A595-2 GND terminal (For turntable use) Connecting the ground wire of the turntable to the GND terminal will normally minimize hum, but in some cases better results may be obtained with the ground wire disconnected.
  • Page 14 “digital” and “analog” easily. (See page 26 for details.) DVD or LD player DSP-A595-2 Notes • When connecting an audio/video unit to both of the digital and analog terminals of this unit, make sure to connect to both terminals of the same name.
  • Page 15 CONNECTING TO VIDEO AUX TERMINALS (ON THE FRONT PANEL) These terminals are used to connect any video input source, such as a camcorder, to this unit. Camcorder DSP-A595-2 3/25/99, 3:53 PM...
  • Page 16: Connecting Speakers

    If you have a subwoofer with built-in amplifier, including the YAMAHA Active Servo Processing Subwoofer System, connect the SUBWOOFER OUTPUT terminal of this unit to the input terminal of the subwoofer system.
  • Page 17 Europe models). Simply insert the banana plug connector into the corresponding terminal. OUTPUT TERMINALS (FOR DRIVING SPEAKERS WITH EXTERNAL AMPLIFIERS) (MAIN, CENTER and REAR OUTPUT terminals are provided for U.K. and Europe models only.) DSP-A595-2 For connecting to the REAR and CENTER SPEAKERS terminals Red: positive (+) Black: negative (–)
  • Page 18: Impedance Selector Switch

    If so, set the switch to either end fully. IMPEDANCE SELECTOR DSP-A595-2 SUBWOOFER OUTPUT terminal This terminal is for connecting to the input terminal of an amplifier for driving a subwoofer.
  • Page 19: Adjustments Before Using This Unit

    In this position, low bass signals (below 90 Hz) at the main channels are output from the SUBWOOFER OUTPUT terminal if the SW or BOTH position is selected on “4. BASS”. DSP-A595-2 3. MAIN (MAIN SPEAKER) 5. M.LVL (MAIN LEVEL) 4. BASS (LFE/BASS OUT)
  • Page 20 * After pressing SET MENU once on the remote control transmitter, you can also select the title by pressing . (Pressing goes back one selection.) Appears. DSP-A595-2 Press + or – once or more to select the position you want. Front panel Remote control...
  • Page 21: Speaker Balance Adjustment

    Set the SELECTOR DIAL to the AMP/TUN or DSP position on the remote control transmitter. Set VOLUME to the “ ” position. Front panel DSP-A595-2 ) on the remote control transmit- Turn the power on. Front panel Select the main speakers to be used.
  • Page 22 Front panel Press TEST (so that “TEST LEFT” appears on the display). Remote control DSP-A595-2 Turn up the volume. Remote control You will hear a test tone (like pink noise) from the left main speaker, then the center speaker, then the right main speaker, then the right rear speaker, and then the left rear speaker, for about two seconds each.
  • Page 23 Remote control Press TEST once more to cancel the test tone. Remote control DSP-A595-2 Notes • Once you have completed these adjustments, you can adjust the overall sound level on your audio system by using VOLUME (or VOLUME ( transmitter) only.
  • Page 24: Basic Operations

    SELECTOR DIAL to the component to be used. (See “SETUP CODES” on page 42.) Set VOLUME to the “ ” position. Front panel Turn the power on. Front panel DSP-A595-3 BASIC OPERATIONS 3 1,7 Select the desired input source by using INPUT. (For video sources, turn the TV/monitor ON.) See page 26 if you are using an external decoder or playing a tape or an MD.
  • Page 25: Selecting The Speaker System

    * If you use two main speaker systems, press both A and B. Play the source. Adjust the volume to the desired output level. Front panel DSP-A595-3 If desired, adjust BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE, etc. (see below) and use the digital sound field processor. (see page 29.)
  • Page 26 TAPE/MD MON / EXT. DECODER on the front panel (or, TAPE/MD or EXT. DEC. on the remote control transmitter). DSP-A595-3 • Once you play a video source, its video image will not be interrupted even if INPUT for an audio source is selected.
  • Page 27 Front panel Begin recording on the tape deck, MD recorder or VCR connected to this unit. DSP-A595-3 When the tape deck or MD recorder is used for recording, you can monitor the sounds being recorded Remote control by pressing TAPE/MD MON / EXT.
  • Page 28: Setting The Sleep Timer

    SLEEP timer was set. The unit will be switched to the standby mode automati- cally at the selected SLEEP time. DSP-A595-3 To cancel the selected SLEEP time Press SLEEP once or more so that “SLEEP OFF” appears on the display.
  • Page 29: Using Digital Sound Field Processor (Dsp)

    Functions when the input signal is encoded with the Dolby Digital (not in 2-channel). Speaker output: main, center, rear DSP-A595-4 Reproduces video discs, video tapes and similar sources which are Dolby Surround encoded and bear the “DOLBY SUR- ROUND” logo.
  • Page 30 Dolby Digital (not in 2-channel). Speaker output: main, center, rear Note: When the NONE position is selected on “1. CNTR” in the SET MENU mode, no sound is output from the center speaker(s). DSP-A595-4 FEATURE This program is designed specifically to enhance mono source programs.
  • Page 31 DSP program using the numeric buttons (1 to 8). The name of selected program appears on the display. DSP-A595-4 If desired, adjust the delay time and the output level of each speaker. (For details, see pages 33 and 34.) Notes •...
  • Page 32 Dolby Surround. The operation of these decoders can be controlled by selecting a corresponding DSP program including the combined operation of YAMAHA DSP and Dolby Digital or Dolby Pro Logic Surround. To enjoy a video source with the Dolby Pro...
  • Page 33 * Depending on the mode of this unit, you cannot select all items. DSP-A595-4 Press + or – to adjust the settings for delay time or speaker output levels. Front panel...
  • Page 34 However, if the power cord is kept disconnected for more than one week, these values will automatically change back to the original factory settings. DSP-A595-4 Notes • Adding too much delay will cause an unnatural effect with some sources.
  • Page 35: Adjustments In The "Set Menu" Mode

    LFE signal level to the level of other signals are adjusted. (See page 5 for details about the LFE channel.) DSP-A595-5 LFE (LFE LEVEL) D.RNG (DYNAMIC RANGE) C.DELAY (CENTER DELAY) GUARD (MEMORY GUARD) 10.
  • Page 36 * See page 26 for details on switching the input mode. DSP-A595-5 Adjusting method Operations should be made while watching the information on this unit’s display.
  • Page 37: Remote Control Transmitter

    You can use this remote control transmitter to control not only this unit but also other components connected to it. This is factory set to control this unit and most YAMAHA audio components. To control other brands of components, you must preset the remote control transmitter with the manufacturer’s codes listed on pages 311 to 322.
  • Page 38 A/B/C/D/E Selects the Press this button to select a group of preset stations when component to be using the YAMAHA tuner. controlled. DSP selector Press this button. While the indicator lights up for about three seconds, select a DSP program using the number buttons (1 to 8).
  • Page 39 TV. POWER This button turns this unit on under the default settings. (The code for a YAMAHA CD player is preset as the default code.) If other codes are preset, only those CD players having a remote controller with a POWER button will be turned on.
  • Page 40 DVD/LD POWER (DVD) This button turns this unit on under the default settings. (The code for a YAMAHA DVD player is preset as the default code.) If other codes are preset, only those preset DVD players having a remote controller with a POWER button will be turned on.
  • Page 41 Note: TV POWER, TV VOLUME and TV INPUT function if you have preset the code for your TV. CHANNEL ENTER CHANNEL UP DOWN DSP-A595-6 Note: You can control your VCR if you have preset the code for CHANNEL CHANNEL ENTER CHANNEL UP DOWN...
  • Page 42: Setup Codes

    0037 0047 CBL/DBS DBS tuner 2455 2566 3072 3060 DVD/LD DVD player 4545 YAMAHA CD player 6187 YAMAHA TAPE/MD Tape deck 8524 YAMAHA *1: U.K. and Europe models *2: China and General models We recommend that you write all code numbers you have preset on the “Quick...
  • Page 43: Notes About The Remote Control Transmitter

    • If batteries leak, dispose of them immediately. Avoid touch- ing the leaked material or letting it come in contact with clothing, etc. Clean the battery compartment thoroughly before installing new batteries. DSP-A595-6 Remote control transmitter operation range Remote control sensor...
  • Page 44: Troubleshooting

    If the unit fails to operate normally, check the following points to determine whether the fault can be corrected by the simple measures suggested. If it cannot be corrected, or if the fault is not listed in the SYMPTOM column, disconnect the power cord and contact your authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center for help. SYMPTOM...
  • Page 45 The sound is degraded when listening with headphones to a CD player or tape deck that is connected to this unit. DSP-A595-7 CAUSE Direct sunlight or lighting (of an inverter Change the position of the main unit. type of fluorescent lamp etc.) is striking the remote control sensor of the main unit.
  • Page 46: Specifications

    REC OUT ... 150 mV/1.2 k-ohms PRE OUT [U.K. and Europe models only] ... 2.1 V/1.2 k-ohms SUBWOOFER (MAIN SP: SMALL) ... 4.0 V/1.2 k-ohms DSP-A595-7 SPECIFICATIONS Headphones Jack Rated Output/Impedance CD/TAPE·MD/DVD·LD/TV·DBS/VCR/ VIDEO AUX input, 1 kHz, 150 mV, 8 ohms ... 0.5 V/390 ohms Frequency Response (20 Hz to 20 kHz) CD/TAPE·MD/DVD·LD/TV·DBS/VCR/...
  • Page 47: List Of Manufacturer's Code

    0205, 0333, 0335 Brionvega 0362 Britannia 0216 Bush 0037, 0218, 0374, 0371, 0294, 0009, 0282, 0036, 0349 0037, 0217 0074, 0076, 0084, 0247, 0306 CS Electronics 0216 0247 DSP-A595-CODE(EU) Carrefour 0036 Cascade 0009 Cathay 0037 Centurion 0037 Century 0213 Cimline 0009...
  • Page 48 0037, 0217, 0320, 0036, 0010, 0554, 0191, 0213, 0343, 0349 Palladium 0370, 0418 Panama 0217, 0264 Panasonic 0250, 0163, 0213, 0214, 0226, 0367 DSP-A595-CODE(EU) Pathe Cinema 0216, 0320, 0213, 0238 Pathe Marconi 0196, 0198, 0205, 0333 Pausa 0009 Penney 0032 Perdio 0320 Phase...
  • Page 49 2333 Amstrad 2080, 2252, 2345, 2461, 2501 Ankaro 2369, 2288, 2220, 2519, 2217 Anttron 2421, 2183 Arcon 2368 Armstrong 2243 Astra 2108, 2539 DSP-A595-CODE(EU) Astro 2520, 2173, 2358, 2501 Avalon 2396 Axis 2369, 2530 2668 Barcom 2217 Beko 2189 Best...
  • Page 50 Blaupunkt 3034, 3226, 3195, 3003, 3006, 3154, 3162, 3227, 3403 Brandt 3320, 3187, 3321 Brandt Electronic 3041 Broksonic 3209 Bush 3072, 3278, 3209, 3352 3072, 3278 DSP-A595-CODE(EU) 3000 Calix 3037 Capehart 3020 Carver 3081 Catron 3020 Cimline 3072 Cineral 3278...
  • Page 51 3000, 3067, 3041 Sanyo 3046, 3047, 3104, 3240 Saville 3352 Schaub Lorenz 3000, 3005, 3041, 3104 Schneider 3072, 3000, 3081 Scott 3045, 3043 DSP-A595-CODE(EU) Sears 3000, 3037, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3054, 3104 Seleco 3041 Semp 3045 Sentra 3020 Sharp 3048...
  • Page 52 Onkyo 8136, 8135 Optimus 8027, 8220 Panasonic 8229 Philips 8029 Pioneer 8027, 8099, 8101, 8220 Revox 8029 Sansui 8029, 8009 Sanyo 8074 Sharp 8205 Sony 8170, 8243 Technics 8229 Victor 8273, 8274 Wards 8027 Yamaha 8094, 8097, 8205, 8478, 8524...
  • Page 53 0037 CS Electronics 0216 0180 Candle 0030, 0056, 0046, 0186 Carnivale 0030 Carver 0054, 0170 Cascade 0009 Cathay 0037 DSP-A595-CODE(US) Celebrity 0000 Centurion 0037 Cimline 0009 Cineral 0451, 0092 Citizen 0060, 0030, 0056, 0039, 0046, 0092, 0186, 0280 Clairtone 0185...
  • Page 54 Penney 0047, 0156, 0051, 0060, 0030, 0178, 0021, 0019, 0018, 0056, 0039, 0002, 0003, 0032, 0135, 0149 Phase 0032 Philco 0054, 0463, 0030, 0145, 0019 Philips 0054, 0037, 0554 DSP-A595-CODE(US) Phonola 0037 Pilot 0030, 0019, 0039 Pioneer 0109, 0166, 0287 Portland 0019, 0039, 0092 Prism...
  • Page 55 Samsung 1144, 1040 Scientific Atlanta 1008, 1477 Signal 1015, 1040 Signature 1011 Sprucer 1021 StarSight 1422 Starcom 1003, 1015 Stargate 1015, 1040, 1770, 1797 DSP-A595-CODE(US) Starquest 1015 TV86 1063 TeleCaption 1221 Teleview 1040 Timeless 1418 Tocom 1012 Toshiba 1000 Tusa...
  • Page 56 Jensen 3041 3037, 3278 3072 Kaisui 3072 Kendo 3209 Kenwood 3067, 3041, 3038, 3384 Kodak 3035, 3037 Korpel 3072 DSP-A595-CODE(US) 3037 Lenco 3278 Leyco 3072 LIoyd’s 3000, 3208 Loewe 3037, 3081 Logik 3240, 3072 Luxor 3048, 3104, 3043, 3062, 3046...
  • Page 57 4503, 4539 Pioneer 4525 Proscan 4522 4522 Sony 4533 Technics 4490 Toshiba 4503 Yamaha 4490, 4545 Zenith 4503 DSP-A595-CODE(US) LD PLAYER Manufacturer Code Aiwa 5203 Carver 5064, 5194, 5323 Denon 5059, 5172 Disco Vision 5023 Funai 5203 Hitachi 5023 Magnavox...
  • Page 58 6145, 6425 Tascam 6420 Teac 6420, 6393, 6180 Technics 6029, 6303 Universum 6157, 6437 Victor 6072 Wards 6157, 6053 Yamaha 6036, 6187, 6261, 6082, 6712 Yorx 6461 MD RECORDER Manufacturer Code Kenwood 7826 Sony 7490 Yamaha 7888, 7490 TAPE DECK...