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Yamaha DSP-A595 Owner's Manual Page 36

Natural sound av amplifier.
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8. C.DELAY [Adjusting the delay of
center sounds (dialog etc.)]
Control range: 0 ms to 5 ms (in 1 ms step)
Preset value: 0 ms
* This adjustment is effective only when the Dolby Digital is
decoded and the signals of selected source encoded with the
Dolby Digital contain center-channel signals.
Adjusts the delay between the main sounds (at the main
channels) and dialog etc. (at the center channel).
The larger the value, the later the dialog etc. is generated.
This is for making sounds from the left main, center and right
main speakers reach your listening position at the same time.
This is achieved by delaying the sound from the center speaker
if the distance from the center speaker to your listening position
is shorter than the distance from the left or right main speaker
to your listening position.
Choices: ON/OFF
Preset position: OFF
If you wish to prevent accidental alteration to SET MENU and
other adjustments on this unit, select ON. The following
functions on this unit can be locked by this operation.
• Functions in the SET MENU mode
• Functions in the TIME/LEVEL mode
• Functions when using TEST
10. INPUT (Selecting the initial input
mode of the sources connected to
the TV/DBS input terminals)
For the sources connected to the TV/DBS input terminals of
this unit only, you can designate the input mode that is auto-
matically selected when the power of this unit is switched on.
In this position, the AUTO input mode is always
selected when the power of this unit is switched on.
In this position, the input mode you selected last time
is memorized and will not be changed even if the
power of this unit is switched on.
* See page 26 for details on switching the input mode.
Adjusting method
Operations should be made while watching the information on
this unit's display.
If you are using the remote control transmitter, set the
SELECTOR DIAL to the AMP/TUN or DSP position on the
remote control transmitter.
Press SET MENU once or more so that the title of function
which you want to change appears on the display.
Front panel
* After pressing SET MENU once on the remote control
transmitter, you can also select the title by pressing .
goes back one selection.)
Press + or – to select any desired position or edit parameters
on the function.
Front panel
Repeat these steps to change and adjust settings on any other
3/25/99, 3:54 PM
Remote control
Remote control


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