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Yamaha DSP-A595 Owner's Manual: Features On Sound Effect

Natural sound av amplifier.
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This unit incorporates a sophisticated, multi-program digital
sound field processor. The processor allows you to electroni-
cally expand and change the shape of the audio sound field
from both audio and video sources, creating a theater-like
experience in your listening room. This unit has a total of 8
digital sound field processor (DSP) modes. You can create an
excellent audio sound field by selecting a suitable sound field
(this will, of course, depend on what you will be listening to),
and adding desired adjustments.
Digital Sound Field Processing
What is it that makes live music so good? Today's advanced
sound reproduction technology lets you get extremely close to
the sound of a live performance, but chances are you'll still
notice something missing, the acoustic environment of the live
concert hall. Extensive research into the exact nature of the
sonic reflections that create the ambience of a large hall has
made it possible for YAMAHA engineers to bring you this same
sound in your listening room, so you'll feel all the sound of a
live concert.
Dolby Pro Logic Surround
This unit employs a Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder similar
to professional Dolby Stereo decoders used in many movie
theaters. By using the Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder, you
can experience the dramatic realism and impact of Dolby
Surround movie theater sound in your own home. Dolby Pro
Logic employs a four channel five speaker system. The Pro
Logic Surround system divides the input signal into four levels:
the left and right main channels, the center channel (used for
dialog), and the rear surround sound channels (used for sound
effects, background noise, and other ambient noises). The
center channel allows listeners seated in even less-than-ideal
positions to hear the dialog originating from the action on the
screen while experiencing good stereo imaging.
Dolby Digital
The built-in Dolby Digital decoder leads you into a totally new
sound experiences.
Dolby Digital is a new generation of multi-channel digital audio
technology, or the newest spatial sound processing format
developed for 35 mm film-movies by employing a new kind of
low bit-rate audio coding.
Dolby Digital is a digital surround sound system that provides
completely independent multi-channel audio to consumers. In
multi-channel form, Dolby Digital provides five full range
channels in what is sometimes referred to as a "3/2" configura-
tion: three front channels (left, center and right), plus two
surround channels. A sixth bass-only effect channel is also
provided for output of LFE (low frequency effect), or low bass
effects that are independent of other channels. This channel is
counted as 0.1, thus giving rise to the term 5.1 channels in


In addition, this unit incorporates a Dolby Pro Logic Surround
decoder and Dolby Digital decoder for multi-channel sound
reproduction of Dolby Surround encoded video sources. The
operation of the Dolby Pro Logic Surround or Dolby Digital
decoder can be controlled by selecting a corresponding DSP
program including combined operations of the YAMAHA DSP
and the Dolby Pro Logic Surround or Dolby Digital decoder.
Furthermore, our technicians, armed with sophisticated
measuring equipment, have even made it possible to capture
the acoustics of a variety of actual concert halls, theaters, etc.
from around the world, to allow you to accurately re-create any
one of these live performance environments, all in your home.
Dolby Surround is encoded on the sound track of pre-recorded
video tapes, laser discs, and some TV/cable broadcasts. When
you play a source encoded with Dolby Surround on this unit,
the Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder decodes the signal and
distributes the surround-sound effects.
This Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder employs a digital signal
processing system. This system improves the stability of sound
at each channel and crosstalk between channels, so that
positioning of sounds around the room is more accurate
compared with conventional analog signal processing systems.
In addition, this unit features a built-in automatic input balance
control. This always assures you the best performance without
manual adjustment.
Compared to Dolby Pro Logic that is referred to a "3/1" system
(left front, center, right front and just one surround channel),
Dolby Digital features two surround channels, called stereo or
split surrounds, each offering the same full range fidelity as the
three front channels.
Sound of wide dynamic range reproduced by the five full range
channels presents listeners much excitement that has never
been experienced before. Precise sound orientation by the
discrete digital sound processing expands realism that the
original movie possesses.
LD and DVD are home audio formats that could benefit from
Dolby Digital. In the near future, Dolby Digital will also be
applied to DBS, CATV and HDTV. The ongoing release of
Dolby Stereo Digital theatrical films now underway will provide
an immediate source of Dolby Digital encoded video software.
3/25/99, 3:52 PM


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