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Quick Guide

Connecting to a Computer

By connecting a computer, you can
transfer data between the TYROS and
the computer via MIDI, and use the
computer to control, edit and organize
data on the TYROS. For example, you
can use the included Voice Editor pro-
gram to edit the TYROS' custom voices.
There is also a special File Utility pro-
gram that lets you use your computer to
manage files in the USER/FD/HD
(optional) drive.
I What you can do with a computer
G Manage files in the USER/FD/HD (optional) drive of the TYROS using the File Utility software on the
included CD-ROM. File Utility also lets you transmit your TYROS files to a computer, and vice versa.
G Create Custom Voices using the Voice Editor software on the included CD-ROM.
G Record performance data (1-16 channels) using the TYROS style playback to a computer running sequence
software, such as XGworks. After recording, you can edit the data with the computer, then play it back using
the TYROS' tone generator.
Disconnecting/connecting the USB cable or turning the power off/on may cause the computer opera-
tion to hang-up, or may stop the TYROS from functioning properly. Be careful NOT to disrupt the USB
connection or turn the power on/off in the following operating conditions.
• While the TYROS is recognizing the device or while loading the driver.
• While starting or shutting down the operating system.
• While computer operation is suspended (with power management controls such as
sleep or hibernation).
• While a MIDI application is starting.
The computer may also hang up and/or the TYROS' functions may stop if you do the following:
• Turn the power on/off, or connect/disconnect the cable too often.
• Enter the sleep mode while trasmitting the MIDI data, and resume operation.
• Disconnect/connect the cable while the TYROS is on.
• Turn the TYROS on/off, start the computer, or install driver software while a huge
amount of data is being transferred.

Initial Setup

Instructions are given below in basic outline format. For details, refer to the separate Installation Guide.
Confirm the minimum system requirements of the software you wish to use.
• For software on the included CD-ROM (such as Voice Editor, File Utility, USB MIDI driver, etc.),
refer to the separate Installation Guide.
• For other software, refer to the relevant manual or documentation.
Connect the computer to the TYROS using a USB cable.
TYROS Owner's Manual
B type
A type
USB cable
USB is an abbreviation for Univer-
sal Serial Bus. It is a serial inter-
face for connecting a computer
with peripheral devices, and
enables much faster data transfer
compared to conventional serial
port connections. Also, it allows
"hot swapping" (connecting
peripheral devices while the
power to the computer is on).
• There are two ways to connect the
TYROS to a computer: MIDI cable
and USB cable. In the following
instructions, we'll use a USB

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents