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Power Saving; Airplane Mode - Quectel BG95 Series Hardware Design

Lpwa module series
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Table 6: Overview of Operating Modes
BG95 module and the network may negotiate over non-access stratum signaling the
Extended Idle
use of e-I-DRX for reducing power consumption, while being available for mobile
Mode DRX
terminating data and/or network originated procedures within a certain delay
dependent on the DRX cycle value.
AT+CFUN=4 or W_DISABLE#* pin can set the module into airplane mode. In this

Airplane Mode

case, RF function will be invalid.
AT+CFUN=0 can set the module into a minimum functionality mode without removing
the power supply. In this case, both RF function and (U)SIM card will be invalid.
In this mode, the current consumption of the module will be reduced to a lower level.
Sleep Mode*
During this mode, the module can still receive paging message, SMS and TCP/UDP
data from the network normally.

Power Saving

BG95 module may enter into Power Saving Mode to further reduce its power
consumption. PSM is similar to power-off, but the module remains registered on the
network and there is no need to re-attach or re-establish PDN connections.
In this mode, the power management unit shuts down the power supply. Software is
Power OFF
not active. The serial interfaces are not accessible. But the operating voltage
(connected to VBAT_RF and VBAT_BB) remains applied.
1. During e-I-DRX, it is recommended to use UART interface for data communication, as the use of USB
interface will increase power consumption.
2. "*" means under development.
3.4. Power Saving
3.4.1. Airplane Mode
When the module enters into airplane mode, the RF function does not work, and all AT commands
correlative with RF function will be inaccessible. This mode can be set via the following ways.
Network has been connected. In this mode, the power consumption
may vary with the network setting and data transfer rate.
Software is active. The module remains registered on network, and it
is ready to send and receive data.
LPWA Module Series
BG95 Hardware Design
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