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Operation - Husqvarna R 322TX AWD Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
3. Loosen the tension on the tension wheel for the drive
belt. (A)
4. Hold the spring handle with your left hand and
remove the drive belt with your right hand.
5. Pull the drive belt to the rear below the product. Do
not put it in the belt holder (B).
6. Put the spring handle in the spring holder to prevent
that the spring falls down.
7. Lift the cutting height stay and put it in the holder for
the cutting height stay (C).
8. Hold the front edge of the cutting deck with two
hands and pull until it stops.
WARNING: Before you operate the product,
you must read and understand the safety
To start to use Husqvarna Connect
1. Download the Husqvarna Connect app on your
mobile device.
2. Register in the Husqvarna Connect app.
3. Do the instruction steps in the Husqvarna Connect
app to connect and register the product.
9. Lift the service lock to vertical position.
10. Lift the front of the cutting deck until the service lock


To fill fuel
The engine runs on gasoline with a minimum octane
rating of 91 RON (87 AKI), not mixed with oil. We
WARNING: The lock mechanism
can cause injury to fingers if you do
not operate it carefully. Hold the
front edge of the cutting deck with
two hands when you continue to the
next step.
touches the frame and pull the cutting deck out.
WARNING: Gasoline is very flammable. Be
careful and refuel outdoors (see
on page 13 ).
WARNING: Do not use the fuel tank as a
support area.
CAUTION: Incorrect type of fuel can result in
engine damage.
Fuel safety
849 - 004 - 21.10.2019


Table of Contents

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