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Assembly - Husqvarna R 322TX AWD Operator's Manual

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Keep flammable materials at a minimum clearance
of 1 m when you charge the battery.
Discard replaced batteries. See
34 .
Explosive gases can come from the battery. Do not
smoke near the battery. Keep the battery away from
open flames and sparks.
Transport safety
Use an approved transport vehicle for transportation
of the product.
A markets national or local regulations can set limit
to the transportation of the product.
The operator of the transport vehicle is responsible
to attach the product safely during transport.
Safety instructions for maintenance
WARNING: The product is heavy and can
cause injury or damage to property or the
adjacent area. Do not do maintenance on
the engine or the cutting deck without these
The engine is off.
The product is parked on a level surface.
The parking brake is applied.
The ignition key is removed.
The cutting deck is disengaged.
The ignition cables are removed from the
WARNING: The exhaust fumes from the
engine contain carbon monoxide, an
odourless, poisonous and very dangerous
WARNING: The drive belt tension spring can
break and cause injury. Wear protective
glasses when you attach or remove the
cutting deck.
Read the assembly instructions in the owner's manual
carefully. A label on the inner side of the front cover on
the product, also shows how to attach and remove the
cutting deck.
To attach the cutting deck
1. Park the product on level ground.
2. Apply the parking brake.
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gas. Do not run the product in closed spaces
or spaces with not sufficient air flow.
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you use the product.
For best performance and safety, do maintenance
on the product regularly as given in the maintenance
Maintenance schedule on page 20 .
schedule. See
Electrical shocks can cause injuries. Do not touch
the cables when the engine is on. Do not do a
function test on the ignition system with your fingers.
Do not start the engine if the protective covers are
removed. There is a high risk of injury caused by
moving or hot parts.
Let the product become cool before you do
maintenance near the engine.
The blades are sharp and can cause cuts. Wind
protection around the blades or use protective
gloves when you do work on the blades.
Always put the cutting deck in servicing position to
clean it. Do not park the product near the edge of a
ditch or slope to get access to the cutting deck.
CAUTION: Read the caution instructions
that follow before you use the product.
Do not turn over the engine if the spark plug or
ignition cable is removed.
Make sure that all nuts and bolts are tightened
correctly and that the equipment is in good condition.
Do not change the adjustment of governors. If the
engine speed is too high, the product components
can become damaged. See
35 for highest permitted engine speed.
The product is approved only with the equipment
supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.
3. Set the cutting height lever in the servicing position.
4. Set the lift lever for the cutting deck in the mow
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849 - 004 - 21.10.2019


Table of Contents

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