Safety Precautions - Samsung MCM-A100 User Manual

System air conditioner function controller
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Safety Precautions

• Before using the function controller, read carefully this instructions.
• After reading the instructions, keep this user's manuals and the installation manual in a
handy and safe place. If a user is changed, you must hand over the manuals.
• Never attempt to install the air conditioning system or to move the function controller
by yourself.
Do not attempt to install or repair this function controller
by yourself.
This function controller contains no user-serviceable parts.
Always consult authorized service personnel for repairs.
When moving, consult authorized service personnel for
disconnection and installation of the function controller.
Ensure that the wall is strong enough to support the
weight of the function controller.
Must install the function controller with rated power
In the event of a malfunction (burning smell, etc.),
immediately stop operation, turn off the electrical breaker,
and consult authorized service personnel.
Do not use inflammable gases near the function
Do not spill water into the function controller.
Do not operate the function controller with wet hands.
Do not install the function controller in a location where
it will come into contact with the combustible gases,
machine oil, sulphide gas, etc.
Do not press buttons with a pointed thing.
Do not pull or bend the function controller cable
Do not use this function controller for other purpose.
Do not spray an insecticide or other combustible things
on the function controller.
Do not clean the function controller with benzene,
solvents or other chemicals.
Do not give a shock to the function controller or
disassemble it by yourself.



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