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You Will Need; Mounting Holes - Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
WARNING: The use of attachments or accessories
not listed in this manual might be hazardous and
could cause serious personal injury.
WARNING: Do not attempt to modify this tool or
create accessories not recommended for use with this
tool. Any such alteration or modi cation is misuse,
and could result in a hazardous condition leading to
possible serious personal injury.
WARNING: Do not connect to the power supply until
assembly is complete. Failure to comply could result in
accidental starting and possible serious personal
WARNING: Always make sure the table saw is
securely mounted to a workbench or an approved
leg stand. Never operate the saw on the oor. Failure
to heed this warning can result in serious personal
WARNING: Never stand directly in line with the blade
or allow hands to come closer than 3 in. to the blade.
Do not reach over or across the blade. Failure to heed
this warning can result in serious personal injury.

You will need

Items not supplied:
Phillips screwdriver
13mm wrench or adjustment wrench
Framing square
Triangle square
2.5 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm Hex key
WARNING: To avoid injury, do not connect this table
saw to a power source until it is completely assembled
and adjusted and you have read and understood the
operator's manual.
WARNING: Many of the illustrations in this manual
show only portions of the table saw. This is intentional
so that we can clearly show points being made in the
illustrations. Never operate the saw without all guards
securely in place and in good operating condition.

Mounting holes

The table saw must be mounted to a rm supporting surface
such as a workbench or leg stand. Four bolt holes have been
provided in the saw's frame for this purpose.
To mount the saw to a work bench, insert bolts that are of
su cient length to accommodate the saw base, lock
washers, hex nuts, and the thickness of the workbench or
other mounting surface. Tighten all bolts or screws securely.
Carefully check the workbench after mounting to make sure
that no movement can occur during use. If any tipping,
sliding, or walking is noted, secure the workbench to the
oor before operating.
To mount the saw to the leg stand, refer to speci c
procedures explained later in this section.
Items supplied:
Blade wrench (2 pc)
Assembly the stand (Fig. 4a-4f)
WARNING: Do not use this leg stand with other
equipment or for other purposes.
Firmly insert two lower legs into outer upper leg .
Align the holes on the lower legs with holes on the
outer upper leg.
Fig. 4a
Firmly insert two other lower legs into inner upper leg
. Align the holes on the lower legs with holes on the
inner upper leg.
Fig. 4b
Lay outer leg assembly
leg assembly
on top of outer leg assembly with
2 3
the top rails facing each other. Angled ends of lower
legs should face away from each other so they
resemble a "V".
on a flat surface. Place inner
1 2

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Table of Contents

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