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Maintaining Prontoneo; Important Notices; Cleaning Prontoneo - Philips SBCRU930/00 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru930
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Maintaining ProntoNEO

Important Notices

Take care not to scratch the touch screen
Use your finger to tap the LCD touch screen or use plastic-tipped pens intended for
use with touch screens.
Never use an actual pen, pencil or other sharp object on the LCD touch screen.
Protect ProntoNEO from extreme temperatures
Keep ProntoNEO away from heaters and other heat sources.
ProntoNEO is not waterproof
ProntoNEO should not be exposed to rain or moisture.
Do not store or use ProntoNEO in any location that is extremely damp or wet.
When you have spilled water on ProntoNEO, you have to take out the batteries and
let ProntoNEO dry for 48 hours before you place the batteries back.
When you have spilled other liquids like coffee on the ProntoNEO, you can clean it
with distilled water. Make sure no water gets into the housing.
The touch screen of ProntoNEO contains a glass element
Do not drop ProntoNEO or subject it to any strong impact.

Cleaning ProntoNEO

Use a soft, damp cloth to clean ProntoNEO.
If the LCD touch screen of ProntoNEO is spoiled, clean it with a soft cloth
moistened with a diluted window-cleaning solution.
Do not use a corrosive detergent or an abrasive sponge.
Avoid the use of abundant water.
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Table of Contents

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