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Support; Maintaining The Control Panel - Philips TSU9300 Starter Manual

Using the control panel
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To change the Activation settings:
• Tap the buttons to toggle between the
different Activation settings:
Pick up sensor: the Control Panel
switches on when it is tilted.
Firm keys: the Control Panel switches on
and/or sends out IR when a firm key is
Cursor keys: the Control Panel switches
on and/or sends out IR when one of the
cursor keys is pressed.
To calibrate the touchscreen:
1 Tap the Calibrate button.
2 Follow the on screen instructions to tap
the 4 corners of the screen.
The touchscreen is calibrated.
The screen is calibrated in the factory.
Do not use this function unless you
experience problems with the


Maintaining the Control Panel

Take care not to damage the touchscreen
Do not drop the Control Panel or subject it to any strong impact.
Never use a pen, pencil or other sharp object on the touchscreen. This is to avoid scratching
the touchscreen.
Protect the Control Panel from temperature extremes
Keep the Control Panel away from heaters and other heat sources.
The Control Panel is not waterproof
The Control Panel should not be exposed to rain or moisture.
Do not store or use the Control Panel in any location that is extremely damp or wet.
If you spill water on the Control Panel, you need to turn it off by switching the Power switch to "0".
Place the Control Panel in a clean environment to dry.
TSU9300 Starter's Guide
To change the time-out and the Brightness
• Tap the "-" and "+" buttons to adjust the
To exit the Settings pages:
• Press the right firm key labelled Exit.

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