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Working With Modes - Philips SBCRU930/00 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru930
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Table of Contents
Using ProntoNEO
Using the Page Up and Page Down Buttons
The controls to operate your devices are mostly located on different pages. You
can scroll through these pages using the Page Up and Page Down buttons on the
left side of the touch screen. The page number on the left of the touch screen
indicates the active page number and the total number of screens, for example
Using the Backlight Button
Use the Backlight button to activate ProntoNEO's display and backlight. See also
'Turning on the Display and the Backlight' on p. 6.

Working with Modes

ProntoNEO starts up in Use mode. In this mode you operate your devices. For
customizing the ProntoNEO (adjusting the settings, defining brands, learning
buttons or recording macros) you have to switch to the appropriate mode.
The ProntoNEO can be put into 5 different modes. These modes are:
Use mode
Setup mode
Brand mode
Learn mode
Macro mode For recording macros. You can assign multiple commands to one
1 On the Device Overview tap the soft button of the device you want to
The first page of the selected device appears.
2 Press and hold the Mode button for 3 seconds.
The Mode screen appears.
User Manual
When switching between modes you will always return to the last active screen.
For operating your devices. See 'Operating Devices' on p. 8.
For changing the ProntoNEO system settings.
See 'Adjusting the Settings' on p. 11 for more details.
For defining the brands of your devices using ProntoNEO's
database. See 'Defining the Brands of Your Devices' on p. 15 for
more details.
For learning commands from other remote controls. See 'Learning
Commands' on p. 18 for more details.
single button. See 'Recording Macros' on p. 21 for more details.
Learning commands, defining brands and recording macros is only possible per
device. This means that you first have to select a specific device to perform these


Table of Contents

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