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Programming Problems - Philips SBCRU930/00 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru930
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ProntoNEO is not recognized by the NEOedit software
• Make sure the serial cable is properly connected. See 'NEOedit' on p. 25.
• Disconnect other equipment connected to the serial ports, e.g. PDA's.
• Plug the serial cable in another serial port.
• Try to connect multiple times.

Programming Problems

Buttons are not sending the correct commands
• Check if you have defined the correct brands for your devices.
See 'Defining the Brands of Your Devices' on p. 15.
• Check whether the button of the device is learned properly.
See 'Learning Commands' on p. 18.
• Check whether the macro is recorded properly.
See 'Recording Macros' on p. 21.
ProntoNEO will not switch modes
• Replace the batteries. When the batteries are low ProntoNEO prevents you
from switching to customizing modes so that no customization can get lost.
ProntoNEO is low on memory
• Revert the ProntoNEO. See 'Revert' on p. 14.
The configuration file is corrupted
• When this unlikely event occurs, you have to revert to the original
configuration or use NEOedit to download a new configuration file. All your
customized commands and devices will be lost and you will have to reprogram
your ProntoNEO. If you use NEOedit, it is advised to make backup copies of
your customized configurations. See 'Revert' on p. 14 and 'NEOedit' on p. 25.
ProntoNEO error message
If the error message 'Invalid CF version or corrupt Flash!' occurs:
• Use the Reset button on the back of the ProntoNEO.
See 'How do I reset the ProntoNEO?' on p. 28.
• Try to recover the ProntoNEO Configuration File (NCF) by downloading a
backup copy or the default file from NEOedit.
See 'NEOedit' on p. 25.
• Go to the Philips website for more information.
User Manual


Table of Contents

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