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To Exit Setup Mode - Philips SBCRU930/00 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru930
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Table of Contents
Using ProntoNEO
Third Setup Page
ProntoNEO Information
This page contains information that may be important to the dealer in case of a
defect. The following information is displayed on this screen:
• Free memory (in percentage), which gives you an indication on how much
memory is left to (further) customize the ProntoNEO;
• Boot version;
• Application version;
• Configuration file.
Warning When you revert the ProntoNEO, all customization is lost permanently. You loose
By tapping the Revert button the ProntoNEO will be reverted to the default
configuration. Reverting to the original configuration restores the ProntoNEO to its
initial state. You might have to revert when you notice that scrolling through pages
is slowing down. This might be the case when you have added a lot of commands
to the ProntoNEO.
1 Tap the Revert button.
A message screen appears to confirm or cancel the revert process.
2 Press OK or Cancel.

To exit Setup Mode

1 Press the Mode button.
The Mode screen appears.
2 Tap the mode button you want to go to.
ProntoNEO switches to this mode. See also 'Working with Modes' on p. 10.
User Manual
all ProntoNEO settings, defined brands, learned codes and recorded macros.


Table of Contents

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