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Dual node cluster server
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Functional overview



This section provides information on the features and technical data of the
PRIMERGY CX420 S1 Dual Node Cluster Server. For information on key
characteristics and layout of the system board, see the "PRIMERGY CX420 S1
Dual Node Cluster Server Upgrade and Maintenance Manual".
Dual Node Cluster Server
The PRIMERGY CX420 S1 Dual Node Cluster Server is only prepared
for two PRIMERGY CX272 S1 server nodes.
Hard disk drives
The Dual Node Cluster Server can be equipped with a maximum of 12 x 2.5 /
3.5" HDD modules.
Each HDD module can accommodate an SAS/SATA hard disk drive or an SATA
2.5" SSD drive with a maximum height of 1 inch. The module is connected to
the SAS/SATA backplane wirelessly. This allows HDD / SSD modules to be
plugged in or pulled out easily.
Six SAS/SATA hard disk drives can be controlled by the onboard SAS/SATA
controller. To control further SAS/SATA hard disk drives, an additional RAID
controller must be installed.
Hybrid configurations of SAS HDDs, SATA HDDs and SSDs within the same
logical drive (RAID array) are not supported.
If the Dual Node Cluster Server has the corresponding RAID configuration,
HDD modules can also be replaced during operation.
The configuration of Storage Spaces on Windows 2012 is done in the Storage
Pools section of Windows Server Manager.
For more reliability of Storage Spaces in cluster nodes, it is mandatorily
recommended to configure virtual disks of at least three physical hard disks with
an additional hot spare disk. The physical hard disks have to be of the same
type and capacity.
CX420 S1
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