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Cooktop Use; Cooktop Controls; Simmer Element; Warming Element - Whirlpool WGE32301 Use & Care Manual

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Cooktop Controls

Fire Hazard
Turn off all controls when done cooking.
Failure to do so can result in death or fire.
Control knobs must be pushed in before turning them to a
setting. The controls can be set anywhere between MAX and
On models with Ceramic Glass, the controls work on the principle
of percent on, percent off. When the control is turned to setting 5,
the element will be on 50% of the time.
Use the following chart as a guide when setting heat levels.

Simmer Element

(on some models)
REMEMBER: When range is in use or (on some
models) during the Self-Cleaning cycle, the entire
cooktop area may become hot.


To start foods cooking.
To bring liquids to a boil.
To hold a rapid boil.
To quickly brown or sear meat.
To cook gravy, pudding and sauce.
To fry poultry or meat.
To maintain a slow boil.
To stew or steam food.
To simmer food.
To keep foods warm.
To melt chocolate.
Precise simmer control.
Power On Lights
The Power On lights beside the control knobs indicate which
surface elements are turned on. A Power On light will glow when
its corresponding surface element is turned on.
1. Power on light
Simmer Element
(on some models)
The simmer element is identified on the disc in the center of the
element. This element can maintain lower temperatures for
preparation of foods that require very low heat such as sauces,
chocolate or cheese.

Warming Element

(on ceramic glass models)
Food Poisoning Hazard
Do not let food sit for more than one hour before
or after cooking.
Doing so can result in food poisoning or
Use the Warming Element to keep cooked foods warm. One hour
is the recommended maximum time to maintain food quality.
Do not use it to heat cold foods.
The Warming Element can be used alone or when any of the
other surface cooking areas are being used. The Warming
Element area will not glow red when cycling on. However, its
indicator light will glow as long as the Warming Element area is
too hot to touch.
Use only cookware and dishes recommended for oven and
cooktop use.
Cover all foods with a lid or aluminum foil. When warming
baked goods, allow a small opening in the cover for moisture
to escape.



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