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Canopy Assembly; Blade Assembly - Craftsman MIDORO MO56 Installation Manual

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7. Canopy Assembly.

Locate 2 screws on underside of hanging bracket
and remove screw closest to the open end of the
hanging bracket. Partially loosen the other screw.
Lift canopy to hanging bracket. Place rounded part
of slotted hole in canopy over loosened screw in
hanging bracket and push up. Twist canopy to lock.
Re-insert screw that was removed and then
tighten both screws securely.

8. Blade Assembly.

Time Saver: Washers for blade screws can
be set on each blade screw prior to
installing blades.
Locate 15 blade attachment screws and
washers in hardware pack. Slide blade
through one of the narrow, rectangular
openings on motor housing, aligning holes
in blade with holes in blade arm (located
on the underside of the motor
housing)--refer to drawing at right. Insert 3
blade attachment screws (along with
washers) with fingers first and then tighten
screws securely with a Phillips screwdriver.
Repeat procedure for each remaining
Note: Tighten blade attachment screws
twice a year.
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hanging bracket
motor housing
blade attachment
screws and washers



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