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Automated Learning Process./Activating Code; Remote Control Operation; Testing Your Fan - Craftsman MIDORO MO56 Installation Manual

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11. Automated Learning Process./Activating Code.

CAUTION: The wall and/or handheld remote control can be programmed
to multiple receivers or fans. If this is not desired, turn wall switch off to any
other programmable receiver or fan.
Restore electrical power and then, if using wall control, set slider switch
on wall control to the ON position. Within 60 seconds of turning on the
wall control, press and hold the fan OFF button on the wall control for
5 seconds or until light blinks twice.
Turn power off again for at least 5 seconds and then turn power back
on. Within 60 seconds of restoring the power, press and hold the fan
OFF button on the front of the handheld remote control for 5 seconds
or until light blinks twice.
Test the light and fan functions to confirm the learning process is
complete--see Section 13 below.

12. Remote Control Operation.

ON/OFF slider switch - turns wall control ON or OFF
HIGH button - turns fan to HIGH speed
MED button - turns fan to MEDIUM speed
LOW button - turns fan to LOW speed
OFF button - turns fan OFF
L1 button - (not applicable for this fan)
L2 button - turns light kit ON/OFF when pressed once;
dims light kit when pressed and held down
REV button - used to REVERSE blade direction
(fan must be set on low before reversing blade

13. Testing Your Fan.

It is recommended that you test fan before finalizing
installation. Restore power from circuit box and light switch (if
applicable). Test wall control (optional installation) by locating
ON/OFF slider switch on wall control, then set to the ON
position. Test light and dimmer function and then test fan
speeds. Next, locate handheld remote control. Test the light
ON/OFF function by pressing the L2 button; test the dimmer
function by pressing the L2 button and holding it down for
1 second. Test fan speeds with the different fan speed buttons.
If the wall and/or handheld remote control operates all of the
functions of the fan, battery has been installed correctly. If the
wall and/or handheld remote control do (does) not operate all
of the fan/light functions, refer to "Troubleshooting" section to
solve any issues before contacting Customer Service.
Fan must be on LOW before setting the fan to reverse direction.
Use "reverse" button to recirculate air depending on the season.
NOTE: If the wall control/handheld remote control interferes
with other appliances, go back to the instructions in Section 11
(switch not functional on handheld remote)
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