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Installation Preparation; Hanging Bracket Installation - Craftsman MIDORO MO56 Installation Manual

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3. Installation Preparation.

To prevent personal injury and damage, ensure
that the hanging location allows the blades a
clearance of 7 feet (2.13m) from the floor and
30 in (76cm) from any wall or obstruction.
This fan is suitable for room sizes up to 400 square
feet (37.2 square meters).
This fan can be mounted with a downrod
on a regular (no-slope) or vaulted ceiling. The
hanging length can be extended by purchasing
a longer downrod (0.5in. /1.27cm diameter).
Other installation, such as flushmount, is not
available for this fan.
Installation requires these tools:
Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver,
adjustable pliers or wrench, stepladder, wire
cutters, and rated electrical tape.

4. Hanging Bracket Installation.

Turn off circuit breakers to current fixture from
breaker panel and be sure operating light switch is
turned to the OFF position.
WARNING: Failure to disconnect power supply prior
to installation may result in serious injury.
Remove existing fixture.
WARNING: When using an existing outlet box, be
sure the outlet box is securely attached to the
building structure and can support the full weight of
the fan. Ensure outlet box is clearly marked "Suitable
for Fan Support." If not, it must be replaced with an
approved outlet box. Failure to do so can result in
serious injury.
CAUTION: Be sure outlet box is grounded properly
and that a ground wire (GREEN or bare) is present.
Install hanging bracket to outlet box using original
screws, spring washers and flat washers provided
with new or original outlet box.* If installing on a
vaulted ceiling, face opening of hanging bracket
towards high point of ceiling. Arrange electrical
wiring around the back of the hanging bracket
and away from the bracket opening.
*Note: It is very important that you use the proper
hardware when installing the hanging bracket as
this will support the fan.
blade edge
7 feet
(2.13 m) (76 cm)
hanging bracket
flat washers
spring washers
outlet box screws
page 3
12 ft. - 20 ft.
(3.66 m - 6.1 m)
Vaulted ceiling
angle is not to
exceed 25 degrees.



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